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The cover.

Marvel vs Youtube Poop 2: Clash of the Heroes is a new game that will be the sequel to Marvel vs Youtube Poop, and it adds new characters and and a story. It will be released December on Xbox 360, Wii U, and 3DS.


Marvel Youtube Poop

Iron Man

Captain America

Hotel Mario

The King

Thor Link
Hulk Morshu


Storm Zelda
Spider-Man Hotel Luigi
Spider-Ham Gwonam
Abomination Ganon
The Leader Dr. Robotnik
Carnage Weegee
Magneto Malleo
New Characters
Marvel Youtube Poop Anti-Venom Sonic
Thing Solid Snake
Red Hulk Iron Knuckle
Green Goblin Tyranasaurus Alan


The Youtube Poop and Marvel heroes must unite to save the world from a league of villians led by Ganon and Onslaught, and that they are new heroes and villians lurking around every corner! In the end, the heroes must fight Onslauganon, who was made when Onslaught absorbed Ganon.


Story Mode: Play a story where the fighters mus save Earth from Ganon and Magneto!

Battle: The normal, battle mode

Gem Mode: You must fight and find the Infinity Gems.

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