Marvel vs. DC: Fate of the Greatest Universes

Chaos reigns across two realities as the Marvel and DC Universes clash for the first time on the computer screen. A cosmic event has allowed two formidable Super Villains – Darkseid and Apocalypse – to join forces with on another in a bid to conquer two Earths at once! As New York and Latveria fuse with Gotham and Metropolis, heroes like Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man and Superman meet for the first time. In order to save both worlds, good and evil alike must battle the rage within and join forces in order to prevent the countdown to a terrible event that threatens them all!

- Battle as thirty different noble heroes and sadistic villains in a story which sees the DC and Marvel Universe fuse together!
- Play as both sides in an engrossing storyline written by top comic book writers of both renowned companies.
- Fight across 18 different battlegrounds of the Marvel and DC worlds – including weird fused versions of famous locales!

Marvel Characters DC Characters 1. Captain America 1. Batman
2. Iron Man 2. Superman
3. Thor 3. Wonder Woman
4. Hulk 4. The Flash
5. Jean Grey 5 Green Lantern
6. Spider-Man 6. Nightwing
7. Wolverine 7. Green Arrow
8. Dare Devil 8. Martian Manhunter
9. Cyclops 9. Captain Marvel
10. Mr Fantastic 10.Hawkman
11. Invisible Woman 11. Black Canary
12. Ms Marvel 12. Aquaman
13. Hawkeye 13. Doctor Fate
14. Deadpool 14. Steel

15. Silver Surfer 15. Captain Atom

16. Storm 16. Super Girl

17. Gambit 17. Gorilla Grodd

18. Venom 18. Catwoman
19. Green Goblin 19. The Joker
20. Doctor Doom 20. Lobo
21. Magneto 21. Lex Luthor
22. Juggernaut 22. Deathstroke
23. Bullseye 23. Sinestro

24. Ghost Rider 24. Amazo

25. Human Torch 25. Hawkgirl

26. Scarlet Witch 26. Vixen

27. Quicksilver 27. Cyborg

28. Doctor Strange 28. Red Tornado

29. Loki 29. Doomsday
30. Apocalypse 30. Darkseid

Big Boss = Apocseid
(Combined power of Apocalypse and Darkseid) Arenas


1. Batcave
2. Green Lantern Headquarters
3. Gotham City
4. Metropolis
5. Arkham Asylum
6. Starlabs Facility


1. Daily Bugle
2. Stark Tower
3. X-Mansion
4. Baxter Building
5. Doom’s Castle
6. Shield Hellicarrier


1. Lexcorp/Thunderbolt Mountain
2. Themyscira/Asgard
3. Phantom Zone/Negative Zone
4. JLA Watchtower/Asteroid M
5. Fortress of Solitude/Savage Land
6. Darkseid’s Throne Room/Apocalypse’s Tomb


Spider Man in the Daily Bugle defeats Green Goblin, and recibes a call from Iron Man, Spider Man goes to

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