MU VS FOP: WG is a upcoming game and spin-off to the Marvel vs Capcom series and is to release on Wii U, Xbox 360, and 3DS sometime in 2013.


When Crockers obsession with fairys gets to far, he is visited by Galactus. Galactus offers Crocker power and fairy hunting tech, and then Crocker is restored back to his powers and suit from Abra-Catastrophe and given a group to storm Fairy World: Venom, Carnage, Dok Ock, Dr. Doom, Sabertooth, Dark Laser, the Super Bike, the Jack-O-Bots, a Sentinel, Foop, Nega Chin, and Bronze Kneecap. Crocker attacks Fairy World, and Cosmo and Wanda have been kidnapped by Venom. The Avengers get on time when they realise their enemies are attacking Dimmsdale, and they team up with Timmy. Timmy then becomes Spider-Timmy and goes with Spider-Man to battle Venom, who has Cosmo and Wanda. Iron Man and the Avengers then hold off the villians invading Dimmsdale, while Crocker attacks Fairy World with his new power. The Crimson Chin and Turbo Timmy get involved, and rescue the Fairys. Now, the Avengers are fighting with other superheroes from the Marvel and Fairly Odd Parents universes, including three of the X-Men, Catman and even Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad. Then the Destructinator attacks Iron Man, as the Hulk then threw down with the giant robot. Then Galactus then proceeds to devour Fairy World. Jorgen at the last second throws the Big Wand into Galactus, as that stops the Devourer of Worlds from eating the Fariy World. Galactus then seeks to eliminate all the heroes on the Earth, with Crocker becoming his new Herald. The Heroes, Timmy and the Farires team up to destroy Galactus, as after Galactus is defeated, Foop and Crocker get Galactuses power as the 2 universes duke up for one last time, but the Power Cosmic is too much for them, and they fail. But the, Silver Surfer comes to the rescue, defeating Foop and Crocker and restoring everything to normal, including the fact that the Heroes don't remember the Faries any more.

  • =This indicates that the character does not appear in story mode.

Marvel Comics Fairly Odd Parents
Iron Man Timmy Turner
Captain America Cosmo
Wolverive Wanda
Thor Poof
Hulk Jorgen von Strangle
Doctor Doom Super Bike
M.O.D.O.K Crocker
Galactus Pumpkinator/Jack-O-Bots
Colossus Crimson Chin
Gambit Turbo Timmy
Nova* Foop
Rocket Raccon* Anti-Cosmo*
Sabertooth Catman
Sentinel Dark Laser
Spider-Man Nega Chin
Venom Bronze Kneecap
Red Skull* Dyno Dad
Carnage Mighty Mom
Doc Ock Nega Timmy*
Silver Surfer Shirley*
Juggernaut* Felos*
Cyclops Destrucitinator


Iron Man-War Machine, Iron Patriot

Captain America-US. Agent

Timmy Turner: Spider-Timmy, Moon Knight Timmy

Hulk: Red Hulk, Purple Hulk, seen in Love At First Height

Galactus: Galctimus


Story Mode: You go through a story with the characters.

Battle Mode: A free-for-all battle mode.

Villians Mode: You must defeat as many Villain characters as possible.

Arcade Mode: You must battle a onslaght of as many fighters as you can possibly beat.

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