• Samurai Man (サムライマン): Kung-Fu Man's sidekick. Fights with a sword. Holds a Cicada trapped in amber (which speaks to him) as a tresure. His fighting style is swordfighting.
  • Ra's-Return (رأس العودة): An Arabic fighter from Saudi Arabia. Hates Sauve Dude. His fighting style is boxing.
  • Christophoros (Χριστόφορος): A Greek former racecar superstar. His fighting style is Kung-Fu.
  • Taekwondo Bot (태권도 봇): A robot. His fighting style is taekwondo.
  • Claire Ace (เอแคลร์): A female. Her fighting style is muay thai.
  • DJ Capoeira: A Jamaican with music talents as a rapper. His fighting style, as his name states, is capoeira.
  • Cathedral Puller (Katedral Çektirme): A Turkish Wrestler. His fighting style is oil wrestling, his national sport.
  • Prince of Karate (Prins van Karate): A heroic prince. His fighting style is karate.
  • Madder (Garance): A French Savate Fighter. His fighting style is savate.
  • El Lion (El León): A bullfighter. His fighting style is jujitsu.
  • Amazon Heart (coração da Amazônia): A female Amazonian. Her fighting style is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Big George (Большой Джордж): An almost-obese man. His fighting style is sumo wrestling.
  • Chao Zhang (张超): A Chinese china-maker. His fighting style is kickboxing.

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