The list of battles that we hope the people should look over.


  1. Bowser vs. Orochi
  2. Saiki vs. Mario
  3. Giygas (the none) vs. Felden
  4. California Raisin vs. Fido Dido and Cool Spot
  5. Fat Albert vs. Popeye
  6. Crash Bandicoot vs. Mario
  7. Power Star Mario vs. Evil Ryu
  8. Ryu vs. Kenshiro
  9. Homer Simpson vs. Pepito
  10. Sonic vs. Mickey
  11. Brody Foxx vs. Edd Gould
  12. Dirk The Daring vs. Taco-Man

Team Battles

  1. Fat Albert and Peter Vs. Zeeky and Pingu
  2. Crash and Spongebob vs. Bugs and Mickey
  3. Team Rayman 5v5 Team Sonic
  4. Brody Foxx and Edd Gould Vs. Dirk The Daring and Taco-Man

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