Live Forever is an RPG game developed by Luxoflux and distributed by Capcom, Nintendo, Konami, Namco & Sega.


  • Arashi: The main protagonist. He summons storms.
  • Big Blue: A water-elemental merman.
  • Cresent: A centaur.
  • Dream: A minotaur.
  • Ekso: A Nibiruian.
  • Flybot: A robot who transforms from robot to housefly.
  • Green: A green-garbed gorgon, turning Evils to gold.
  • Harry: A wizard.
  • Isaac Elfs: An elf.
  • Jack: A samurai.
  • Kanga: An Australian Street Fighter.
  • Leo: A lion-tatooed man.
  • Micro: A microscopic lifeform.
  • Neo: A secret agent.
  • Open: A magic door to Worlds.
  • Peetro: A Spaniard.
  • Quiero: An Italian musketeer.
  • Robert: A French prince.
  • Steer: A car from Germany.
  • Tresto: A Portugese man.
  • Umarras: Leader of the Amazon Princesses.
  • Varras: Amazon Princess geek.
  • Werras: Amazon Princess warrior.
  • Xarras: Amazon Princess brains.
  • Yetrras: Amazon Princess guts.
  • Zurras: Amazon Princess elder.

Villains (Army of Evil- Malevolent Jewel Empire):

  • Zapros: The main antagonist of the game and leader of the Malevolent Jewel Empire.
  • Yeros: Prince of Hell.
  • Xeros: Princess of Hell.
  • Wuras: King of Hell.
  • Vuras: Queen of Hell.
  • Ukas: Master of Chaos.
  • Tukas: Mistress of Chaos.
  • Sinisterretsinis: Evil for Disaster.
  • Rottennetter: Evil for Destruction.
  • Quie: Evil forbidden to speak.
  • Port: Sea Witch.
  • Oliver Demonic: Evil artist.
  • Nai-Havoc: Evil for Havoc.
  • Monster: Evil for Monster Creations.
  • Les Merciless: Musician for Evil-Noise.
  • Kount: A vampire.
  • Jhofu: A mummy.
  • Iretrea: An Eritrean werewolf.
  • Horrorscope: The grandmaster of black magic.
  • Ghoster: A Japanese youkai.
  • Frank N. Stein: Created from parts of dead people.
  • Evil-Kill: A terrorist who wants to pollute the world.
  • D. Cepticon: A scorpion-based monster.
  • Crisis: Master of what he's named after.
  • Bad Alien: An alien of evil.
  • Akarax: Seven Sins leader.

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