Littlest Pet Shop: Crash and Roll is a 2012 game for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle and other devices. This game is made by Hasbro and Rovio. The game itself is similar to Bad Piggies.


The 7 pets wanted to fly, So they can make a thing to help them fly.


  • Before Blythe Moves In...(35 Levels)
  • Let The Games Begin! (35 Levels)
  • Pet Party (35 Levels)

Playable Characters

  • Zoe Trent (Girl Dog)
  • Vinnie Terrio (Boy Gecko)
  • Sunil Nevla (Boy Mongoose)
  • Russell Ferguson (Boy Hedgehog)
  • Pepper Clark (Girl Skunk)
  • Penny Ling (Girl Panda)
  • Minka Mark (Girl Monkey)

TV Show (Sandbox Mode) Playable Pets

  • Esteban Banderas (Boy Parrot)
  • Gail Trent (Girl Dog)
  • Mary Frances (Boy Pig)
  • Madame Pom (Girl Dog)
  • Tootsie (Boy Dog)
  • Scout (Girl Siamese Cat)
  • Digby (Boy Dog)
  • Buttercream (Girl Rabbit)
  • Mitzi McAllister (girl skunk)

Locations in Sandbox Mode

  • Dog Park (Area for Dogs)
  • Cat Desert (Area for Cats)
  • Critter Valley (Area for Rodents)

TV Show (Sandbox Mode) Nonplayable Characters

  • Passerby Chihuahua
  • Kitty
  • Genghis
  • Tiger
  • Mouse
  • Bulldog
  • Turtle
  • Snake

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