Riki Kotoko (琴子リキ, Kotoko Riki)/ Queen Virgo (クイーンヴァルゴ, Kuīn Varugo)

Voiced by: Aya Hirano .

Is the main protagonist of Accel world: Q. his feminine appearance and voice make him bullied by his friends same as happened to haru. he become an anti-social and loner person. after meet Ao he become more open to others, his non-accelerated avatar is similar with his real world appearance with usual sleeveless black shirt with short sleeve white jacket, short pants and blue sneakers. his birthday is August 2, 2033.

Riki's brain burst avatar is Queen Virgo. has a pink feminine appearance with pair of roll hairs and also feminine high heels. instead created by desires, Riki's Duel Avatar created from his appearance from real world and that's extremely rare. his avatar ability is "Form Change" allow Queen Virgo to change his form to make a more efective attack to his opponent. Queen Virgo has four form "Basic", "Saber", "Shooter", "Wonderer". "Basic" is his ordinary and standard form using hand-to-hand combat. his finishing move is "Spiral Kick". "Sabre" is Virgo's Knightess like form using long sword as his weapon. his Finishing moves is "Great Cross". "Shooter" has Gunner like form his weapon is RifleCannon his finishing moves is "Full Charge Shot". "Wonderer" has a jester like form using baton as his weapon and his ability is illusion his finishing moves is "Tricky Bash". Queen Virgo's another ability is "Engaged" allow him to increase his partner power. He also the key to stop Chrome Disaster Armor.

Ao Kujikawa (久慈川アオ, Kujikawa Ao) / Bleu Fencer (ブルーフェンサー, Burū fensā)

Voiced by: Park Romi.

Main heroine of this serie she's a Japan-French descent. if Riki has a feminine and girl like appearance, then Ao has a handsome boy like appearance and cool personality. make Ao very idolized by both girls. but she's not like that. later she meet effeminate riki and falling in love with him. she then give him brain burst program an ask him work together with him to defeat "six king of pure colour" for reach level 10 and meet a creator of Brain Burst. her non-accelerated is similar with french prince with some feminine feature like long skirt. her birthday is December 12, 2032.

Ao's Brain Burst avatar is level 8 Bleu Fencer with her masculine fencer prince like appearance. she has rapier named "Buteur". her finishing move is "Bleu Foudre" bring thousand lightning fast rapier jab to her opponent. her incarnation system is "Serpent à Lame" turn his rapier to blade edged whip that can cut everything with a single hit.

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