These are the episodes for YouTube-A-Rama.

Season 1

  1. Collin vs. Sonic: Dawn of Speedsters/Mission: Spongpossible/Trollhunters of the Dark Crystal - Michael Bay piches to Warner Bros. an action film involving Collin and Sonic fighting./When Plankton steals a nuke, Ethan Hunt decides to hunt him down./Jim Lake gets sent to a mythical world where he must save the world by placing a crystal into a crystal.
  2. Mad Duck/Mario: Odyssey/Joker's Overboard - Scrooge McDuck arrives into an apocalyptic world and drives a car./Mario ends up being in a parody of the famous epic./When Joker falls overboard and loses his memory, Harley Quinn takes advantage of it.
  3. Ren and Morty/Pitch Black Perfect/My Little Pacific Rim - Ren is forced to babysit Morty while Rick is on a random adventure./Pitch Black joins the Bardem Bellas, disguising himself as a girl named Beca./When Kaiju attack Ponyville, the Mane Six ride mechs fighting them.
  4. Gnomeo and Juliet: Monster Attackers/Season of the Guardians of the Galaxy/How to Train Your Powerpuff Girl - When monsters without explanation come to kill Gnomeo and Juliet, they fight back./Ish joins the Guardians of the Galaxy./Hiccup encounters the Powerpuff Girls.
  5. Hello Psycho Nurse!/Totally Terminators!/Indiana Jones: A Star Wars Story - Yakko Warner gets trapped by Annie Wilkes. However, he ends up being in love with her./Set in another universe, Sam, Alex and Clover are terminators sent to kill Sarah Connor./Indiana Jones has his origin story told in a way similar to Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  6. Spyro Bad/Gravity Fallsdale/Star vs. the Forces of the Evil Dead - Spyro becomes a drug dealer./When Soos dies, Dipper, Mabel, Wendy and Grunkle Stan must figure out who killed him./When Star releases deadites, she has to fight them.
  7. The Loonies/MasterChief/CSI: Gotham City - The Looney Tunes head after a lost treasure./Gordon Ramsay does a contest to see who can become the next MasterChief./Batman has to work with the CSI.
  8. Austin Powers Rangers/Scooby-Doo's Clues/Spider-Man vs. Spy - Austin Powers unites a group of teenagers to help him fight Dr. Evil./TBD/TBD
  9. Shrek-It Ralph/The Lego Kill Bill Movie/Bob the Builder's Burgers - Shrek, Donkey and Puss arrive in Sugar Rush for unknown reasons./Kill Bill's story is refabricated for kids./Bob the Builder owns a burger shop.
  10. How I Met Sheldon Cooper/Pokémon of the Caribbean/Garfield: Warrior Princess - Ted Mosby tells his kids on how he met Sheldon Cooper./TBD/TBD
  11. Velocity the Demogorgon Slayer/South Jurassic Park/The Grim Adventure Time - Velocity begins fighting Demogorgons after they brought Shunky into the upsidedown./In this mass reality jack up, the South Park kids arrive in Jurassic Park and encounter Eli Mills and the Indoraptor for no reason./The Grim Reaper encounters Finn and Jake and oddly they must team up to fight Bill Cipher.
  12. Matrixrama/The Fairly OddGodfather/Beavis and James Bond - Fry, Leela and Bender arrive to the Matrix./Timmy Turner gets Michael Corleone as his new fairy godparent./TBD
  13. Celebrity The Price is Right/X-Men Factor/Breaking Good Ol' Magic - TBD/TBD/TBD
  14. The YouTube-A-Rama Christmas Spectacular - TBD