List of Season 3 episodes:

Season 3 Episodes

  1. Nightmare
    1. PLOT: Midnight Yin, impressed by Yin and Yang and the WooFoo Army easily taking out Carl during one of his most destructive rampages, asks if she can join up. Meanwhile, the fed-up Carl forms an alliance with an evil spirit that can change his form depending have what it takes?/While Nightmare is Wake Up Yin to be a WooFoo Warrior, Carl and Edna that causes her to hallucinate and attack her friends, mistaking them for enemies. How will our heroes save Midnight Yin and clear those charges?
  2. Abandon Ship
    1. PLOT: Three misfit kids buy some weird pairs of glasses that allow wearers to see poltergeists. And that one other than Ship!!! And Smoke is looking for three certain creatures that she wants to use to defeat her brother Mirrors. They are three creatures(Ty-Ronald, Tricera-Timmy, and Ptera-Dom) that combine into the fearsome Dra-Gordon! Dra-Gordon also has a special ability that can bring life to spirits and the lifeless, but only once every battle. Kevin Irons sees this as a perfect oopurtunity to get himself revived, and orders the kids to team up with Smoke and help her get these three monsters. Yin and Yang pursue Smoke and try to stop her and ThunderStorm save the monsters Transformation Day And Night Validar Had Just Begun.
  3. Hiccup
    1. PLOT: Zonimon is sweeping the nation, and every kid is into this fad, including Yin and Yang! But, what if it's a diversion for Zarnot to attack Yang with possessed Zonimon merchandise when his mind is off guard, including everyone else's?/An evil, giant talking muffin named Bakermuff wrecks havoc and stirs up trouble at an annual baking competition Transformation Day And Night
  4. Winter Dimension
    1. PLOT: Everyone, including Yang, has a new best-selling game...and it sucked, straight-up! And we find out it was Mastermind's plan to use everyone's anger to power him up./After Yang sees one of the world's all this time, he keeps on laughing so ahrd and so much he eventually lost his voice! Without his voice, how will Yang warn everyone of an incoming Winter
  5. Mind Your Manners/From Out of Nowhere

PLOT: Looking for a second chance to become king, Yuck creates an enchantment that will make everyone go aggressive and behave badly./A space pod drops near the dojo, and it seems that the 18-year-old Jack is contained inside. While Jack is trying to get used to the new world he's in, the Puffin hatches a plot to capture him.iYin/Bully-Rama

  1. Nightmare
  2. Abandon Ship
  3. Hiccup
  4. Winter Dimension
  5. Parental Guidance
  6. Yucky Love
  7. Ferocious Fury
  8. Might of the Machines
  9. Time to Tie Yourself
  10. Funky Feud
  11. Spring Sprung
  12. The Emperor Way
  13. Sound and Funky
  14. Eradical, Man, Eradical
  15. Hunt or Be Hunted
  16. Yang-er Management
  17. Ghost in the Machine
  18. Foo Swap
  19. Foul Play in the Sky
  20. Ear Muffed/Yin The Zone
  21. The Pillar Of Light
  22. A Smelly Next Chapter

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