The following is a list of episodes of the Disneydaniel93 sitcom, Winnie the Pooh meets a Pair of Kings.

Series Overview

Season 1

Episode 1: "Return of the Kings"

Brady and Boomer (whom Pooh and friends are hanging out with) are twin teens. After being bullied by the toughest guys in the whole school, Mason and a group of warriors from their kingdom in Kinkow come to bring them home. They break the sacred ruby and the volcano on the island erupts. Lanny (who is sort of working for Bowser Koopa) tricks them into going to get another sacred ruby so that they will die in the dark side of Kinkow. While in the dark side, Brady, Boomer, Pooh and friends are caught by the dangerous Tarantula people. Luckily, Brady has a chain that controls them. They are able to get the sister ruby, and save the kingdom. However, the chain that controlled the Tarantula men falls off Brady's neck as he is leaving the dark side. The men find it and use it to awaken a mummy on the dark side.

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