A lists of many Weapons in Kingdom Hearts 4, and its Two Spin-Offs, Kingdom hearts 4: Dark Of The Wars, Kingdom Hearts: Rise of the UnLives, and Kingdom Hearts 4: Rise of Nightmare.

Sora's Keyblades

  • Ultima Weapon (Starting Keyblade)
  • Oathkeeper (Found on Bright Tree Village on Endor)
  • Oblivion (Found on Coruscant)
  • Star Seeker

Party Member Weapons

  • Buck: Dagger
  • Scrat: Acorn
  • Valkyrie: Spear
  • Wolverine: Blades

Summon Weapons

  • Tidus: Sword
  • Cade Skywalker: Jedi Lightsaber
  • Pepper Ann: TBD

Evil Weapons

  • Lord Dr. Nightmare: Flail
  • Dirt Boss: Guns
  • Dark Dragon: Fiery Breath, Tail, Claws
  • Slipstream: Null-rays
  • Boss Wolf: Mjolnir
  • Loki: Spear
  • Sith Lord Count Dooku: Curved Hilt Lightsaber, Force Lightning
  • Sith Lord Darth Krayt: Red Lightsaber, Telekenetic Powers
  • Chagrian Sith Lord Darth Wyyrlok: Red Lightsabers, Force Lightning

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