Season 1

  • Battle in Checkers

Derek and Bromley Battle at Playing Checkers

  • The Super Stinking Feeling

A Skunk sneaked into a Castle

  • Odette Goes Magic

Odette Becomes a Magician

  • Derek and Odette's Big Fight

Jean-Bob thinks Derek and Odette are Fighting

  • Daring to Dance

Odette Teaches Uberta how to Dance

  • The Sing Off

The Castle is having a 1st Annual Sing Off

  • Speed the Unfunny

Speed tries to be Funny

  • Good Old Jean-Bob

Jean-Bob feels unappricated and Runs Away

  • The Big Play

Odette Makes a Fun Play about Creativity

  • Helping in the Kitchen

Everyone tries to Prepare a Dinner

  • Halloween Swan (Halloween Special)

Odette tries to find a Halloween Swan

  • Christmas Wish (Christmas Special)

Rogers made a Wish of Finding a True Love

Season 2

  • Puffin and Whizzer's Bird Feast

Whizzer and Puffin plan a Bird Feast to Prove birds are Special

  • Jean Bob's Big Tiff

Jean Bob loses a tooth in a fight and gets a new (gold) one

  • King Jean Bob

Jean-Bob takes a King for a Day to Seriously

  • Odette's Treasure Hunt

Everyone plans a Treasure Hunt

  • Hide and Squeak

Derek found a Lost Mouse

  • Whizzer and the Mighty Bird

Whizzer gets Picked on about not being a Mighty Bird

  • Derek Hits the Books

Derek Spends too much in the Library

  • Uberta Moves On

Uberta tries to Move On after her Pet Frog Die

  • Baking for Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Special)

They Tried to bake a Thanksgiving Feast

  • Date on Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day Special)

Chamberlin and Bridget go on a Date

  • Pet Trouble

A Dog and Cat who has Accusing

Season 3

  • Uberta's Big Mistake

Uberta Accidently broke Odette's Crown

  • Tummy Trouble

Whizzer, Puffin, Jean-Bob and Speed ate too many Snacks

  • Every Animal Tells a Story

Whizzer, Puffin, Jean-Bob and Speed are Responsible for Breaking the Chandlier

  • The New Fair

The New Fair comes to Swan Lake

  • The Kung Fu Queen

Uberta is interested in Kung Fu

  • Rogers and the Mystery Wand

Rogers found a Fairy's Wand

  • Crushed

Whizzer feels in Love with a New Bird

  • The Band who Cooks

The Band bakes Meals for Everyone

  • The Bad Day

Rogers had a Bad Day after He got Fired

  • Odette and the New Gown

Odette tries to Keep her Gown Clean

  • Pranky and Prankier

Jean-Bob pull a Prank on Derek

  • Meeting Prince Daniel

Prince Daniel has his Eyes on Odette

  • Puffin's Family Reunion

Puffins is Excited to see his Family

Season 4

  • The Accusing Game

Uberta Accuses Speed for Making a Mess

  • Whizzer and Puffin vs Speed and Jean-Bob

Whizzers and Puffins battles Speed and Jean-Bob at Every Contest

  • Rogers' Trial

Rogers gets Blamed for a Horse Accident

  • Musical Chairs

Everyone Plays Musical Chairs overnight

  • Sleepover Outdoors

Odette plans a Sleepover in Swan Lake

  • Forget Manners

Odette and Derek teaches Whizzer, Puffin, Jean-Bob and Speed Manners

  • My Fair Speed

Speed becomes Gentle

  • The Lost Kitten

Uberta dislikes a Kitten while Odette takes of it

  • Odette's Book Mystery

Odette read a Book of Mystery

  • Sincerely Whizzer

Whizzer writes a Letter to Alissa

  • The Swan Date

Odette turns into a Swan to Date

Season 5

  • The Chef Quits

Frederick quits before dinner

  • Monster's Ball

Rogers becomes Selfish with a New Outfit

  • Jean-Bob, Mr. Braggy

Jean-Bob brags about Stuff he's Good at

  • Taking Care of Business

Odette takes care of Business for Uberta

  • Cinder-Odette

Odette becomes Cinderella after Uberta gave her Chrose

  • Dance Moves

Lord and Uberta dance the Waltz

  • On with the Show

They Decided to do a Play

  • No Hitting

Jean-Bob hits Whizzer and Bridget at Soccer

  • Puffin's Cleaning Trouble

Puffin becomes a Clean Freak

  • Whizzer's New Toy

Whizzer gets a New Top and Troubles with Sharing

  • Uberta's Birthday Harsh

Uberta becomes Harsh on Planning a Birthday

  • Speed's Selling Business

Speed tries to Make Money for a Fountain

  • The Jungle in the Castle

The Wild Animals take over the Castle

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