Season 1

  • Going to the Dentist

When Blanky loses his tooth, Radio and Lamp made fun of him bout going to the Dentist and yank out his tooth

  • Broadway Trouble

The Gang gets carried away of singing on broadway

  • Ratso's Carnival

Ratso builds a Carnival

  • New York Trip

The Gang follows the Master and Chris to New York

  • Trick or Treat (Halloween Special)

The Gang goes Trick or Treating

  • The New Toaster

Toaster becomes Jealous of all the attention of the New Toaster

  • Get in a Fight

Radio and Lampy get in a Fight

  • The Burned Dinner (Thanksgiving Special)

When Toaster accidently burned the Dinner so he and his friends came to help to make it up

  • Subsititue

The new Baby Sitter becomes tough to the Gang

  • Apple Picking

The Gang goes Apple Picking to make Apple Pies

  • Circus time

The Gang plans to build a Circus for the Little Master

  • Radio the Servant

Radio becomes a Servant to Kirby

  • Stop and Smell the Flowers

Lampy plants Flowers

Season 2

  • A Christmas Toaster Carol (Christmas Special)

Tinselina helps Kirby to get in a Spirit of Christmas

  • Money Trouble

Blanky and Tinselina make money for a new Clock

  • Radio Love (Valentine's Day Special)

Radio gets crushed with a Jukebox

  • Friendship day

The gang decided to a Take a Trip for Friendship

  • Pop Star Love

The Boys tries to woo a Pop Star

  • Tattletale

Lampy tattles on his friends

  • The Picture Mystery

Kirby gets determinded to someone who stole a Picture

  • The New Game

The Gang gets a Computer Game

  • Carpet Madness

The New Carpet breaks stuff and everyone blames Lampy

  • Aquarium

The Gang goes to the Aquarium

  • Hug and Make Up

The Whole Gang gets in a big Feud

  • School for Objects

The Gang starts making School

  • Fairy Tales

Radio, Lampy and Ratso makes Fairy Tales

  • Goes to the Bakery

They go to the Bakery

  • Not Scarecrow

Rob and Chris build a Scarecrow

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