This is a list of episodes from the 2013 CGI animated television series Star Wars: A New Hope. The series began airing on Disney XD on October 5, 2013. The two highest rated episodes of the show's first season so far where "Revelations" and "The Old Master". A second season has also been confirmed to be in production.

Season 1: A New Hope (2013-present)

No. # Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate Prod. code
1 1 "A War on Kashyyyk" Dave Bullock Steven Melching October 5, 2013 101

"Hope is where the fight is"

When the Galactic Empire invades Kashyyyk, the planet of the Wookies, Luke Skywalker, princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca the Wookie and the Rebel Alliance recieve a distress call from the leader of a Wookie klan. Apon their arrival, the Rebels take refuge in a small Wookie village within the planet's forests and ally them selves with the natives in an attempt to uncover Darth Vader's evil plans.

2 2 "Enemy Lines" Dave Filoni Steven Melching October 5, 2013 102

"Leading is learning"

After discovering a number of towers placed within the forests of Kashyyyk, Luke leades a squad of Rebels behind enemy lines to investigate. When the Rebels enter one of the towers, they soon discover the fortresses to be giant drills, digging their way to the planet's core. The Rebels then hack the Empire's systems in an attempt to uncover the purpose of the machines.

3 3 "Revelations" Brian Kalin O'Connell Steven Melching October 12, 2013 103

"No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too greate"

In order to uncover the Empire's plans, Luke sneaks onto a ship which carries him onto the Empire's main warship where he finds that Darth Vader plans to transform Kashyyyk into a second Death Star and faces off against Vader on the ship's bridge. Meanwhile, the Rebels launch an air strike on Vader's fleet. Following the destruction of the drills, the Empire flees.

4 4 "The Old Master" Brian Kalin O'Connell Tim Burns October 19, 2013 104

"Knowledge is the greatest weapon"

Luke explores a cave on the icy planet of Hoth, the current home of the Rebel Alliance, and is contacted by the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi who assigns him with the task of seeking out Jedi master Rahm Kato who will help Luke continue his Jedi training. When Luke arrives on the planet on which master Kato is located, he faces Tenzin Daka, Kato's apprentice. Kato interferes in their duel and eventually agrees to join the Rebels as well as train both apprentice.

5 5 "Weapon of Doom" Justin Ridge Steven Melching October 26, 2013 105

"Evil comes in all shapes and sizes"

When the Rebels travel to a planet called Felucia to aid the natives in a battle against the Empire, Darth Vader orders for the Empire's newest weapon, a ship equiped with a ray gun called the Cyclopsis, to be released upon them. After the Cyclopsis attacks the surface of the planet, it turns the peaceful enviroument into a wasteland. Vader then sends his troopers to eliminate any survivers and the Rebels are forced to retreat.

6 6 "Enter the Cyclopsis" Rob Coleman George Krstic November 2, 2013 106

"A plan is only as good as it's execution"

Following their escape from Felucia, the Rebels form a plan of destroying the Cyclopsis. Tenzin and Han sneak onto a ship which boards the Cyclopsis and find a way of destroying the machine from within. Luke then leads a squad of fighters to attack the Cyclopsis as a distraction for Tenzin and Han to sabotage the ship's engines. After the Cyclopsis begins to explode, the Rebels escape and Vader is forced to evacuate.

7 7 "The Apprentice" Rob Coleman Kevin Campbell, Henry Gilroy November 9, 2013 107
8 8 "Shadow of Hoth" Jesse Yeh Kevin Rubio, Steven Melching, Henry Gilroy November 16, 2013 108
9 9 "Hunted" TBA TBA November 23, 2013 109
10 10 "Invaders of Peace" TBA TBA November 30, 2013 110
11 11 "Droid Duty" TBA TBA TBA 111
12 12 "Rescue Mission" TBA TBA TBA 112
13 13 "Prisoner of the Empire" TBA TBA TBA 113
14 14 "Market Forces" TBA TBA TBA 114


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