Here is The Episodes:

Season One

1. The Days of Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy and The Gang (Pilot)

2. Remember The Mickey Mouse Revue

3. The Good, The Bad and The Donald

4. The Phantom Blot and Fiends

5. Goofy's Giant Dong

6. A Trip to The Disneyland Resort, Part 1

7. Villains' Revenge

8. The Runaway Who Gets Raped

9. Who is Super Goof?

10. The Curse of The Mummy's Tomb

11. Four Peroids, Four Kisses, Four Heroes

12. Merman Sora

13. Donald and Miley at New York

14. Donald and the Scarecrow

15. The Fight of The Villains

16. French Fries and Hot Dogs

17. Festival ToonTown

18. Who Rubbed Out Phineas and Ferb?

19. The Farewell Carnival

20. The StarStruck Goofy

21. Sora's Price

22. Wizards on Deck with Sora, Donald & Goofy, Part 1

23. Sora, Donald, Goofy and The Gang Go to the Movies

24. Every Little Child Hates Donald Duck and Miley Cyrus

25. 20,000 Blankets Under the Sea

26. The Invisible Sora

27. Tokyo Disney Resort, Here We Come

28. Lights, Camera, Disney!

29. Barstow, California or Bust

30. Little Sora

31. Sora, Donald & Goofy on The Moon

32. Summer Vacation with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

33. A Day of Life with Huey, Dewey and Louie

34. Muppets are Here Today

35. Nightmare Hunters

36.General Jim,Ruffles the clown and Sora

37.Sora and the Simpamonos

38.Bussi Bear,Bello Dog and Sora

39.Tom and Jerry to meet Sora and Friends

50.The Secret of the baskets to steal of Yogui Bear

95.Katherine,the toys and Sora

96. Sora,Donald and Goofy's Christmas (Holiday special)

97. Sora and his Friends go to Lake Hoohaw

98. Sora visits Bugs Bunny and his Friends

99. Sora's Sinking Feeling

100. Tasmanian Devil meets Sora

101.Pipsy and Drumstick the masters of the of circuts part 1

102.Pipsy and Drumstick the masters of the of circuts part 2

103.Adventures in the desert of the scorpions and the tarantulas ( Deadly Creatures Game THQ of Wii )

Season Two

(This list is incomplete)

104. Cesira and Gallettoni the parents of Calimero

105.Rocky the truck robot of the occasion

106.Junk robot 1 the little robot part 1

107.Junk robot 1 the little robot part 2

108. I robot the japanese robot

109.AN9-PR the robot

110.Rex the police dog part1 ( Rex un policía diferente )

111.Rex the police dog part 2 ( Rex un policía diferente )

112.The surprise birthday of Alfred J Kwak

113.The secret matrial of the parents of Calimero part 1 ( Calimero character of Rever and Toni PAGOT )

114.The secret matrial of the parents of Calimero part 2 ( Calimero character of Rever and Toni PAGOT )

115.Sora and the tarantulas hawks ( DEADLY CREATURES GAME THQ OF WII )

116. Coupe , F-Type ,4WD , 2WD AND Trailer the vehicles of the circus ( Stunt Race FX game of Snes

117.The magic rosebush of the Tasha the hippo . ( character of the backyardigans )

118. The secret checkerboard of Pablo and Tyrone ( chacacters of the backyardigans )

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