This is Series for Mr. Fan

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 18 June 10, 2006 TBA
2 14 TBA TBA
3 26 TBA TBA

Season 1

# Title Airdate Overview Code
Pilot Pilot (TV-Y7) June 10, 2006 When Mr. Fan Meets a House. Mr. Fan and Crazy Wayne are Stole for Website are Freaks. Crazy Wayne are Fixed the Internet in the Plug. 001
1 Soul of the Planet (TV-Y7-FV) June 10, 2006 TBA 101
2 Mad The Lion (TV-Y7-FV) June 17, 2006 TBA 102
3 Force The Death (TV-PG-L) 2006 Mr. Fan and Annie are Failed to the Store Death 103
4 Kitty! (TV-Y) June 25, 2006 TBA 104
5 Phone Rolls (TV-Y7-FV) Unaired When Mr. Fan Call for Pizza Guy for the Hill. 105
6 Rock and Explain (TV-Y7) July 2, 2006 TBA 106

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