• Emily Osment, Jennifer Stone, Moises Arias, David Henrie and Doug Brochu were present for all episodes.
  • Cody Linley was absent for three episodes
  • Matthew "Mdot" Finley was absent for five episodes
  • Meghan Jette Martin was absent for seven episodes
  • Chloe Bridges was absent for nine episodes

Episode 1: The Beginning of a Motocrossed Journey

Emily Anderson (Emily Osment) and Jennifer Cahill (Jennifer Stone), two loving and caring typical teenage girls who always dreamed of becoming famous motorbike racers.

Special Guest Stars: Dwayne Johnson as Himself, Carlos Pena, jr. as Himself and Roshon Fegan as Himself

Guest Stars: Kelli Gross as Joelle, Robert Adamson as Markus

Absent: Cody Linley as Cameron Miller and Meghan Jette Martin as Nicki Pearson (due to filming Go, Go, Go, Go Mighty Morphin Muppet Rangers, and wasn't introduced untill the second episode).

Episode 2: Crossed Up Rivals

Emily and Jennifer meet thier competition, Cameron Miller (Cody Linley) and his girlfriend Nicki Pearson (Meghan Jette Martin).

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