These are the episodes for comedy tv show Life in Cramtown.

Season 1

  1. Welcome to Cramtown - The Wilson Family move to Cramtown. So everyone tries to fit in.
  2. Bullied by a Sexy Girl - Zach is getting bullied by a hot and sexy student named Melissa Gunter which Jack decides to toughen him up, but Harold decides avenging Zach by tormenting Melissa, ruining her life and blaming her for many bad stuff. Meanwhile, Anna fights for popularity.
  3. Irish Pub Fighters - Jack gets drunk in an Irish Pub and challenges a powerful boxer to a match. Meanwhile, Michael introduces Racheal to online dating.
  4. Melody vs. Jennifer Lawrence: Dawn of Fighting - Jennifer Lawrence comes to town and as Melody discovers is out to steal Jack from him, she challenges her to a fight. Meanwhile, Zach competes in a science fair.
  5. Hush Puppy - Racheal and some of her friends tries out a Hush Puppy for the first time. Meanwhile Jack's father comes in town and is out to split him and Harmony up due to her name not starting with a J.
  6. The Steven Spielberg Problem - Steven Speilberg is out to put The Wilsons in a movie, however Harold discovers he is only doing it for the money not the quality. Meanwhile Zach is trying to ask Angelica to homecoming,
  7. Careful, They Kill Men - The infamous crime duo Lola and Veronica Thompson also nicknamed the Mankillers due to they kill men, break out of prison. So Mayor Liam Neeson has all men to go into hiding. And that is bad news for the Wilsons. So Zach, Jack,Harold, Micheal and Arnold Schwarzenegger decides to kill the Mankillers. Meanwhile Anna decides to get a job.
  8. Musical Aliens - Anna goes to a Ed Sheeran concert, however soon she discovers he is a alien bent on world domination, so she works with Charlie Puth witch is another alien to stop him. Meanwhile Jack tries to get a new job after getting fired.
  9. TV's Bad for You - When Jack has everyone go off tv, Zach decides to make the Characters real, later causing them to revolt. Meanwhile Melody hunts for the legendary Smallbutt (Shows parodied: TBD)
  10. Simply Having a Crappy Christmastime - Jack discovers that a rich billionaire named Ebeneezer J. Scrooge wants to destroy Christmas so he is out to put the christmas back in chrisrmas. Meanwhile Anna and Melody compete in the Mother Daughter Christmas challenge.

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