Season 1

  • The Crows Move in

Jim Crow and his Brothers moves in with Dumbo, Timothy, Mrs. Jumbo and their friends

  • Flight Camera Action

Dumbo, Timothy and The Crows decided to Make a Movie about the Circus in Hollywood

  • Vacation

Dumbo, Mrs. Jumbo and their Friends go on a Vacation to Pratice for the Circus, but Fidgity wants to Take a Nap.

  • The Broke Up Friendship

Dumbo and Timothy get into a Fight so The Crows and Mrs. Jumbo try to get them Back together

  • Trick or Treat (Halloween Special)

Everyone Goes Trick or Treating

  • Dumbo's Harmonica

Dumbo learns to play the harmonica

  • When I see an Elephant Dance

The circus elephants practice for a ballerina, but Mrs Jumbo doesn't know how to dance so its up the Crows to teach her how

  • Casey Junior goes Broke

Casey Junior gets a A Flat tire on the way

  • Babysit adventure

Giddy, Prissy, Matriarch and Catty had to Babysit Dumbo while Mrs. Jumbo helps Timothy

  • Christmas Adventure (Christmas Special)

Dumbo, Timothy and The Crows need to Buy Some Christmas Presents for Fidgity after Forgeting about her Early Christmas Present,

  • Rock n Crow

The Crows decided to start they're own rock band

  • Is There a Doctor in the Big Top

Dumbo catches a cold so his mother takes him to the vet

  • Dumbo in Vegas

Dumbo and family go to Las Vegas to peform at Cirque De Soleil

Season 2

  • Camping Out

Dumbo, Timothy, The Crows and Mrs. Jumbo plan a Camping Trip, but meanwhile, Figity has to Do Dumbo's Ear Stunts and Misses her Naptime.

  • The Crows' Great Big Fight

The Crows Started a fight to be a Father Figure to Dumbo

  • Timothy's In Love (Valentine's Day special)

Timothy meets a Jennifer the Mouse and Gets Nervous about daiting Her

  • Dumbo's Family Feud

Dumbo gets worried about his Family Fighting and might lose them

  • Preacher Crow's Big Date

Preacher Crow gets Excited about Going on Date

  • Cat Day Afternoon

Dumbo found a Lost Kitten who wants to Eat Timothy, but it's really Kitrude.

  • Too Much Cheese

Timothy keeps Eating Cheese and refuses to Stop.

  • The Circus vs The Show

Dumbo tries to Do Everything at Once

  • Thanksgiving in the Circus (Thanksgiving Special)

Dumbo and gang help the turkey perform in the big top so nobody can eat him

  • When Straw Hat Crow meets Fruit Hat Crow

The Crows help Straw Hat Crow to Impress a Female Crow

  • Treasure Hunt

Everyone Goes on a Treasure Hunt to Find a Missing Car

  • Tigers

Dumbo and the Gang has to Babysit the Baby Tiger

  • The Motherly Gift (Mother's Day Special)

Timothy and the Crows help Dumbo find a mother's day gift for his mother

Season 3

  • Impressing the Queen

Dumbo and The Gang go to England to Performed for the Queen

  • The Crows Accused

The Crows get Blamed for Overflooding the Tent

  • The Dog who Came to Dinner

Mrs. Jumbo found a Lost Dog named Rufus who Joins the Circus for a Few Days.

  • Going to School

Dumbo, Timothy and The Crows become Teachers for School

  • Driving Mr. Timothy

Timothy Competes in a Race

  • Cooking Off

Everyone has to Make a Yummy Dish

  • Coach Dumbo

Dumbo becomes a Coach to a Soccer Team

  • Vitrual Straw Hat Crow

Straw Hat Crow becomes addicated to a New Computer Game that Fidgity Made.

  • Space Out

Dumbo and his Friends dreamed about going to the Moon.

  • Spiders

Glasses Crow is afarid of Spiders

  • Three Wishes

Everyone found a Magic Lamp

  • Meeting Melissa

Dumbo and His Friends visit his Aunt Melissa, who used to be Elephant Matriach's Second in-Command, but replaced by Prissy.

Episode End: Aunt Melissa stays with the Other Elephants.

Season 4

  • The BodyGuard

Dumbo Gets Worried About Bullies But All He Needs a Bodyguard He Ask Prissy If She Could Be a Bodyguard and She Agrees To Help

  • Prissy's Bad Luck

Prissy Having Some Problems Which Is Bad Luck And Matriarch Finds a Way To make Prissy Feel Better

  • Bubblegum Trouble

Dumbo and Timothy start blowing bubblegum all over the circus.

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