This article details the characters found in the 2010s remake of The Tick.

Main Characters

Character Notable powers Notes Voice actor
The Tick Nigh-invulnerability, superhuman strength, super speed, "drama power" The Title Character John DiMaggio
Arthur Flight (With Moth Suit) The Tick's Sidekick Cam Clarke
Die Fledermaus None Batman parody (also the name of an operetta by Johann Strauss II; die Fledermaus is German for the bat). Love/hate relationship with American Maid, though there are hints at a past romance. He is usually the first superhero to run away from danger. Diedrich Bader
American Maid Skilled acrobat, can throw her tiara and stilettos with extreme accuracy. The World's Most Patriotic Domestic, a Wonder Woman/Captain America parody. Love/hate relationship with Die Fledermaus, though there are hints at a past romance. She occasionally teams up with The Tick and Arthur. Susan Eisenberg
Sewer Urchin Super Stench Rain Man/Aquaman parody. In the sewers he has a luxurious apartment largely furnished with salvage from the sewers; however, he has relatively few guests. The "Apotheosis of cool" in the sewer. Steven Blum



Characters Notable powers Notes Voice Actor
Big Shot Vast Array of Guns and Weponry Parody of Punisher; By his second appearance, he has undergone anger management therapy Daran Norris
Blitzen None Éclair's sidekick, superheroine of Belgium, named after the German word for lightning, not the reindeer. Drives a cool motorcycle. Nika Futterman
Bipolar Bear None A hero dressed as a polar bear with bipolar disorder. Nolan North
Caped Chameleon a.k.a. Crusading Chameleon Changes his coloring to match his surroundings, sticks to walls He cannot replicate plaid or brick, and attempting to do so causes him to pass out. Tom Kenny
Patriot Man He has a similar Shield as Captain America American Maid's Twin Brother who is also a pardoy of Captain America Brian Bloom
Éclair Flies and fires lightning energy from her eyes Superheroine of Belgium, named after the French word for lightning, not the pastry April Stewart
Doorman Flight. Can sort the superheroes and sidekicks that appear at the Comet Club His doorman senses don't seem to apply to supervillains Daran Norris
Fishboy None Lost Prince of Atlantis, seen to be potentially useless throughout the series Cam Clarke
Sewer Girl Super Stench Sewer Urchin's Young Sister Jodi Benson
Jet Valkyrie Flight Tick's love interest and she is also a yodler! Kari Wahlgren
Miss Might A parody of Ms Marvel, American Maid's Best friends since Childhood April Stewart
Courderoy Cordova A man of mystery and night-watchman at the Aztec ruins. Philip Proctor
Mighty Agrippa: Roman God of the Aqueduct Can move huge volumes of water from one place to another. A parody of Thor Rick D. Wasserman
Mr. Amazing A parody of Mr. Fantastic and Doc Samson Cam Clarke
Red Flare A pardoy of Flash only she's a girl and she is a technogeek! Molly C. Quinn
Artemis the Archerette A pardoy of Artimis only with an Austrian Accent! Erin Torpey
Human Bullet Can survive being fired from a cannon in his backyard As a running gag, he will fire himself at the first sign of trouble (The Human Bullet yells "Fire me, boy!" and his son fires cannon), but somehow always manages to make the situation worse, or at best have no effect at all. Rick D, Wasserman
Birdmocker A parody of Mockingbird and Black Canary Elizabeth Daily
Taft A spoof of Shaft Kevin Michael Richardson
Carmelita Vatos Flight (with moth suit) Both her and Arthur's moth suits were made by Carmelita's father, J.J. Eureka Vatos. Jennifer Hale
Speak None A capybara. The Tick believes Speak has superpowers and often takes the terrified animal on patrol Steven Blum
The Tuxedo A pardoy of Rino Romano
Moonlight Crusader Ms. Moon's Ex-boyfriend who is a parody of both Batman and Moon Knight Benjamin McKenzie
Knifeman A pardoy of Adam West
Forkboy A pardoy of Sam Riegel
Spoongirl A pardoy of Tara Strong
Captian Lemming Jumps off rooftops. Battle Cry: "Come on spine, work with me" Jeff Bennett
Diamond Man A parody of Diamondhead from the Ben 10 Franchise Dave Fennoy
Martian Mindreader A parody of the Martian Manhunter Kevin Michael Richardson
Captian Sanity The Tick's Therapist Lex Lang
The Caped Wonder (a.k.a. Clark Oppenheimer) X-ray vision, super strength, invulnerability, flight, heat-vision, super hearing. A parody of Superman and reporter for the Weekly World Planet. Nolan North
Major Magnet A heroic parody of Magneto and Major Force Fred Tatasciore

Civic Minded Five

Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actor
4-Legged Man Has 4 legs, like a centaur Team Leader Roger Rose
Carpeted Man Can generate a static charge on any surface (with suit of shag carpet) Can overheat in sunny, warm weather. His real name is Gary. Robin Atkin Downes
Feral Boy Animal tendency Drives the team's car Diedrich Bader
Jungle Janet Very athletic and skilled in combat Perhaps the most competent member of the team Grey DeLisle
Captain Mucilage A man armed with mucilage-spraying nozzles Fairly usless in Combat Kevin Michael Richardson

The Decency Squad

Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actor
Captain Decency None Leader Jim Cummings
Living Doll Opens up to reveal many smaller versions of himself Battle cry: "I'm full of tinier men!" Peter Lurie
Visual Eye Shoots eyes as reconnaissance projectiles Battle cry: "Rockets from the Sockets!" Steven Blum
Johnny Polite Politeness It is this politeness that gets him smothered in chocolate by The Terror in the episode "The Tick Vs Terry." Cam Clarke
SuffraJet A rocket strapped to her back Battle cry: "I Vote for Goodness!" Hynden Walch

The Solar System Sisters

Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actor
Ms. Moon A pardoy of Terri Hawkes
Ms. Mercury A pardoy of Danica McKellar
Ms. Mars A pardoy of Kim Mai Guest
Ms. Jupiter A pardoy of Grey DeLisle
Ms. Venus A pardoy of Jennifer Hale
Ms. Moon Jr. A pardoy of Isabella Acres
Ms. Pluto A pardoy of Gina Torres
Ms. Neptune A pardoy of Vannesa Marshall
Ms. Uranus A pardoy of Olivia d'Abo
Ms. Saturn A pardoy of Hynden Walch
Ms. Dark Moon A pardoy of Kari Wahlgren
Ms. Earth A pardoy of Tara Strong

The Bronze Boys

Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actor
Mr. Pegasus A pardoy of Pegasus Seiya Will Friedle
Mr. Cygnus A pardoy of Matthew Mercer
Mr. Dragon A pardoy of Josh Keaton
Mr. Andromeda A pardoy of David Faustino
Mr. Phoenix A pardoy of Christopher Daniel Barnes
Mr. Unicron A pardoy of Benjamin Diskin
Mr. Lionet A pardoy of Yuri Lowenthal
Mr. Wolf A pardoy of Brian Bloom
Mr. Hydra A pardoy of Robin Atkin Downes
Mr. Bear A pardoy of Nolan North
Ms. Chameleon A pardoy of Chameleon June Tasia Valenza


Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actor
Professor Z A parody of Professor Xavier Troy Baker
Eye-Guy A parody of Cyclops Robin Atkin Downes
Joan White A parody of Jean Grey Leigh Allyn-Baker
Frostboy A parody of Iceman James Arnold Taylor
Wings A parody of Archangel Dave Wittenberg
Porcupine An Austrailan parody of Wolverine Steven Blum
Weather Witch A parody of Storm Dawnn Lewis
Ella Ice A parody of Emma Frost Kari Wahlgren
Volcano Girl A parody of Magma Cree Summer
Puppy Glade A parody of Shadowcat Kim Mai Guest
Weightiuss A parody of Colossus Andre Sogliuzzo

Potential superheroes in training

Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actor
Baby Boomerangutan He throws baby dolls that come back as boomerangs. Former colleague of Arthur. Battle cry: "It's OK to play with dolls" Bill Fagerbakke
Gesundheitan He has super allergies. Battly cry: "It's sneezing time!" Tom Kenny
Mr. Exciting He is possessed by incredible energy Battle cry: "It's great to be alive." Steven Blum
The Flying Squirrel Animal Empathy Just really likes squirrels, and has the power to call them to her aid. Parody of Squirrel Girl Nika Futterman
Sarcastro Biting Sarcasm Looks like Castro, hence the gag. John Kassir

The League of Extrodinary Teenagers

Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actor
Owlboy Team Leader, a parody of Nightwing. Roger Craig Smith
Horse-Girl Jennifer Hale
Robot A pardoy of Cyborg Bumper Robinson
Red Francesco Dave Wittenberg
Bikini Girl Wave Bending A pardoy of Starfire Kari Wahlgren
The Human Spider A histerical pardoy of Spider-Man, and Ghostbug's Brother. Quinton Flynn
Ghostbug A gothic pardoy of the Wasp, and the Human Spider's Sister Colleen O'Shaunggesy
Graffiti Avenue A Graffiti Artist who is loosely based off of Park Avenue from Regular Show. Troy Baker



Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actors
The Angry Red Herring He can rub petroleum jelly on himself to escape the grasps of superheroes. He also has machine guns instead of eyes in his fish costume. John DiMaggio
Baron Violent Has a belt he uses to adjust his muscular mass, and in turn, his strength, often to overblown proportion Without the belt enhancement, he is not over 5 feet tall. Peter Lurie
Barry Hubris (a.k.a. "The Tick") Has a shield with a conductor in it that allows Barry to crush things he wouldn't be able to normally. He uses the name "The Tick", unaware that a hero exists with the same name. He claims to be a hero himself, but is only in it for the fame. Jim Cummings
Betty: Queen of the Ants Speech and Sentience Basically a normal ant that can talk Nika Futterman
The Breadmaster Creates baked goods that are used as weapons Kicked out of baking college. Dwight Schultz
Buttery Pat Can slip through tight spaces due to being covered in butter The Breadmaster's sidekick Crispin Freeman
Charles (a.k.a. Brain Child) Super intelligence, Inventor Gave himself a glass skull to show off his large brain. He acts as a villain on principle alone, and has no real motivation. In some way he is a parody of Leader. Logan Grove
Mad Nanny Wears a robotic armor Meriem Brunch is Brainchild's nanny whom he brainwashed. Grey DeLisle
Skippy Originally Brainchild's dog who was killed when running towards a car. His brain was placed in a robotic dog body. Roger Rose
The Deadly Bulb (a.k.a. Pigleg) Has a light socket on the top of his head, in which a giant light bulb usually sits Has a light socket on the top of his head, in which a giant light bulb usually sits Dwight Schultz
Socket and Watt Deadly Bulb's henchmen Diedrich Bader & Steven Blum
Dynamole A dwarf who talks like Peter Lorre and is continually ensconced in sticks of dynamite Tom Kenny
El Seed Knows how to make chemicals that allow plants to achieve sentience An anthropomorphic sunflower wearing a green matador uniform. His name is a play on the historic Spanish hero El Cid. Jeff Bennett
Bee Twins Bee-themed female villains that are El Seed's henchmen Grey DeLisle
The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight Explosives expert A Crazed bomber who tries to blow up establishments of all sorts, preferably superhero conventions. Rarely goes a second without mumbling to himself recollections of snippets of conversation with an unknown second party (given his obvious psychosis, this other person may just be a second personality), some glorifying himself ("And then I says, "Tell me I'm wrong!" And he says, "I can't, baby, 'cause you're not!"), others suggesting a bad end between the two ("And so he says, "I don't like the cut of your jib!" And I go, I says, "It's the only jib I got, baby!"). Nolan North
Eyebrows Mulligan A gangster with long eyebrows Diedrich Bader
The Fin (formally known as Mr. Smartypants) He has super-intelligence A talking dolphin Nolan North
The Heys A nihilistic race who worship nothing. Gregg Berger & Peter Lurie
The Hotel Manager A man from the distant future who opens up a restaurant in the distant past. Richard McGonagle
The Human Ton An enormous dim-witted man, who is the parody of the Blob from the X-Men comics Bill Fagerbakke (1st Time), Peter Lurie (2nd Time)
Handy Handy can speak while The Human Ton's mouth is otherwise preoccupied, such as when biting the head of The Tick His verbose, much more intelligent hand puppet who longs to be "a real boy." Handy's catch phrase is "Read a book!" Handy is a parody of Scarface from the Batman comics. Kevin Clash
The Idea Men A group of men wearing suits, white gloves, and large metal masks that muffle their voices to the point that their ransom demands cannot be heard. They travel via zeppelin. Nolan North
The Indigestible Man Incapable of being digested An associate of Chairface Chippendale with wild white hair. Navigates large bodies like Dinosaur Neil's body. Clancy Brown
Jack Tuber: The Man with a Thousand Faces He is based off of Mr Potato Head James Arnold Taylor
Jim Rage A (former) special agent with Project S.H.A.V.E. that has been pursuing an elusive mustache. He wears an eyepatch cause it makes him look cool. Likely a parody of Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. David Kaye
Lava Man Made out of lava Melting everything he touches! John DiMaggio
Lou Salazar: The Sewer Czar A corrupt civil agent turned evil and enemy of Sewer Urchin Diedrich Bader
Flith Czar's Henchmen Steven Blum
The Man-Eating Cow Eats man A man eating cow, not really Eating man but a vegatarian! Gregg Berger
Mr. Mental (a.k.a. Mel Mental) Mind Control Has an assistant/sidekick, Minda, who grows increasingly sick and tired of the excessively dramatic supervillain lifestyle Jim Cummings
The Mother of Invention Super intelligence An androgynous character who creates a time machine to steal the credit for every invention ever made Edward Asner
Multiple Santa Being shocked by high-voltage current creates electric clones of him Was 'granted' his power after stealing a charity worker's Santa suit in an attempt to escape from police, and being accidentally chased off the roof of a building and into a large electric billboard by The Tick, who believed the criminal was really Santa Jim Cummings
Octo Paganini From Belgium; has three sets of arms, for a total of eight limbs; can play several violins simultaneously Xander Berkeley
Fortissimo Brothers They have the strength of 10 Men Octo Paganini's Henchmen Philip Proctor
Octo Raymond An Octopus Theme Villian Andre Sogliuzzo
Eastern-Bloc Robot Cowboy A cyberneticist (presumably from Communist eastern Europe, despite the western theme) who transferred his brain to a walking, talking vending machine. Has an unfortunate weakness to quarters. Jeff Bennett
Omnipotus: The Devourer of Worlds Galactus parody. Enormous being that feeds on celestial bodies. Has oddly small feet for his size. Gregg Berger
Galaxius The Solar System Sisters' arch enemy, and daughter of Galaxius. Adrianne Barbeau
Pineapple Pokopo Above-average strength The leader of a small nation known as Pokoponesia (known for two things: Sharks and pineapples). His head resembles a pineapple (parody of former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega who himself was sometimes insultingly called 'pineapple-face') Greg Eagles
Proto Clown Superhuman strength The product of genetic engineering in an attempt to make a super-clown with the capacity to amuse and entertain more people than a normal clown. Loosely based on The Incredible Hulk. Peter Lurie
Stalingrad A graduate student who looks like and bases his villainy on the work of Joseph Stalin. The Terror constantly gets the two confused, as he knew the real Stalin. John DiMaggio
Sub-Human A golden age villain that fought the Decency Squad. He wears a miniature submarine on his head Rick D. Wasserman
The Terror Inventor, super-strong in his youth "The greatest villain of the 20th century... and maybe some of the 19th." He once punched out President Teddy Roosevelt. However he may have lost the fight because he still holds a grudge. Armin Shimmerman (Present), Steven Blum (Flashbacks)
Terry The Terror's Son Crispin Freeman
Thrakkorzog An alien creature from Dimension 14B. Had an apartment across the hall from Arthur and The Tick Jim Cummings
Tuun-La, Not of this Earth Can apparently tuck in her legs and shoot flame from where they were Jennifer Hale
Mr. Malevolence A pardoy of Jonathan Adams
Mischange A pardoy of Sumalee Montano
Grasp A Caucasian pardoy of Bane Carlos Alazraqui
S.P.O.R.K. A pardoy of M.O.D.O.K Wally Wingert
Mousiuer Dynamite Corey Burton
Shadow Samurai A pardoy of George Takei
Sympantro A pardoy of Gary Anthony Williams
Milo Venus' husband and sidekick Gary Anthony Williams
Aphrodite Hypnotises men to become her love slaves and do whatever she wants Loosely Based off of the Greek Mytholgy of the Same Name Tricia Helfer
Wally The leader of the Deertown Aztecs, a baseball team gone bad. He and his baseball team have a lifestyle similar to the Aztecs Lex Lang
Icebird A parody of Mr Freeze and the Transformers Character Laserbeak Keith Szarabajka
Dinosaur Neil Ended up eating one of his own dinosaur-cloning experiments (confusing it for the pasta salad he was eating at the time) which mutated his DNA and turned him in to a 70 foot dinosaur James Horan
Fireman A pardoy of Heat Wave and Pyro Neal McDonough
Stinkweed Powerfull Stink An Actual live Stinkweed who was once Human Jim Cummings
Uncle Creamy Being made of ice cream, he can shoot ice cream from his hands, forming it into the shapes he wants, and is very difficult to hurt physically A result of an industrial accident. Parody of Clayface and Sandman. May not be a villain at heart; once quoted as saying "I'm not a villain, I'm vanilla". Tom Kenny
Uncle Creamy II He can fly with his rocket boots and has a missile launcher on his left arm A former KGB agent. Parody of the many Clayfaces Gregg Berger
Whirling Scottish Devil He can spin at high speeds Jeff Bennett
Shotgun A pardoy of Deadpool John Kassir
Fear Guy Creation of live Fears A pardoy of The Scarecrow and the Cryptkeeper John Kassir
The Ottoman Empress Ability to control furniture Beautiful red-head woman who falls in love with Die Fledermaus Grey DeLisle

Chairface Chippendale's Gang

Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actors
Chairface Chippendale A crime boss who has a chair for a head David Kaye (Season 1), Corey Burton (Seasons 2-3)
Professor Chromedome Inventor Mad scientist henchman Dana Snyder
Forehead Henchman Tom Kenny
Crease He hung the lights for Chairface Chippendale's birthday party John DiMaggio
Zipperneck Henchman. The zipper on his neck can be unzipped to reveal the interior of his esophagus, which is so grotesque that heroes will cease fighting just to avoid looking at it. Rick D. Wasserman
Dean Henchman. Has a wingnut for a head. Steven Blum
Hector Strange A pardoy of Hugo Strange

Corey Burton (Season 1), Adrian Pasdar (Seasons 2-3)

Cassandra SanFrancisco A pardoy of Catwoman and Carmen Sandiego Jennifer Hale
Silver Flight Audrey Wasilewski
The Gloot Henchman Nolan North

The Hornet's Crew

Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actors
The Hornet A pardoy of The Green Hornet who hunts the Tick. David Kaye
Lady Hornet The Hornet's Wife Elizabeth Daily
Kid Hornet The Hornet's Bratty Daughter Colleen O'Shaunggesy

Characters that Appear in The Tick: City Protector

The Seven Deadly Sins

Characters Notable Powers Notes Voice Actors
The Living Zitt Causing Bad Acne She is a nerd witht the abilities of Creating Zitts on Peoples face Hynden Walch (first Appearance), Ashley Johnson (second)
Giant Animal Girl Size Expansion & Shapeshifting into live Creatures She is a pardoy of Vixen and Giganta Cree Summer
Dragon Lord Dragon Master, and turn into one Leader of the Seven Mark Hamill
Prince of Greed none His homage is King from Royal Flush Gang Jim Meskimen
The Big Whale Whale Powers Robin Atkin Downes
The Plastic Surgen Plastic Surgery Jeffery Tambor

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