Season 1

  • Fife's Big Mistake

Fife gets Frustated because He can't remember his Music Notes

  • Just Desserts

Lumiere gets a Stomachache after eating a Dessert for after Dinner

  • The Missing Book

Belle Stakeouts a Mystery to find Her Books

  • Double Dare

LePlum Dares Chip to Disobeyed Mrs. Potts

  • the World Record Battle

The Boys Battles the Girls for the World Record

  • Chip's Money Trouble

Chip the Teacup tries to make Money to Buy a Teaset

  • Servant of the Year

Beast Annouces Servant of the Year to Every Household Objects

  • Belle Cleans Up

Belle Gets Tried of Everyone not Cleaning Up after everyone

  • Is there a Doctor in the Castle?

Belle and Beast Get Sick so Every Servant has to Make Them Feel Better

  • Horse Day Afternoon

Lumiere, Cosgsworth, Fife and Fifi are Responsible to Watch Phillippe while Belle Helps Mrs. Potts

  • Lumiere vs Cogsworth

Lumiere Battles Cogsworth to Be a Best Candleabra or Clock Win

  • Whatever Happened to Beast?

Beast Paints a Picture of Himself to Remember when the Spell to be Broken

  • Castle School

Everyone in the Castle turned the Castle into a School

Season 2

  • Halloween Ball (Beauty & the Beast Halloween Special)

Belle and Beast decided to Plan a Halloween Ball to Celebrate Halloween

  • Lumiere and the Secret Admire

Lumiere tries to Solve the Note from A Secret Admire with a Help of Crane

  • The Dinner Club

The Servants are Accused of Breaking Belle's Crystal Necklace and Everyone needs to Confess

  • Mrs. Potts' Bake Sale

Mrs. Potts and Chef Brouche plan a Bake Sale to Help the Castle

  • Belle, Fife and the Giant Squash

While Gardening, Belle and Fife plant a Giant Squash and Became Afarid to Share It

  • Beast and Beastier

Beast made a Puppet Version of Himself

  • The Bragging Game

Everyone Stops Talking to Angelique after She Brags about winning stuff

  • Angelique's Pageant

Angelique plans a Beauty Pageant to proves Girls are better than boys

  • The Christmas Spree (Beauty & the Beast Christmas Special)

Belle Must Get Everyone a Christmas Gift before Christmas

  • Too Much Pressure

Belle Keeps Making Plans for the Castle

  • Luck Amok

Chip gets a Lucky Scarf and Everything Changes

  • Double Dating

Lumiere and Fife Started double Dating with Angelique and Fifi to Dinner and a Book Telling

  • The Big Play

Belle makes a Play about Fairy Tales (Cinderella, The Frog Prince and Puss in Boots)

  • The Big Scavenger Hunt

Everyone starts a Scavenger Hunt to Find Beast's Missing Things

  • Dance Off

Chip and Webster starts A Dance Off

Season 3

  • Belle's Big Lie

Belle accidently breaks Beast's Vase and Beast blames Cogsworth

  • Fairy Tale Code

Everyone gets Curious about a Code

  • Treasure beyond the Castle

Everyone tries to find a Treasure

  • Trip to the Fair

Everyone Gets Ready to Go to the Fair for the First Time

  • The Inventor who came to Dinner

Maurice stays with Beast, Belle and Servants while he has a flood in his cottage

  • Black out in the Castle

a Big Thunderstorm blacks out the Whole Castle

  • Clockmalion

Cogsworth realizes that he was A Rich Clock before Belle Arrived

  • Thanksgiving with Maurice (A Thanksgiving Special)

Maurice Comes over for Thanksgiving

  • Trouble with Crows

The Crows control the Castle and Ruined Everyone's Stuff

  • The Return of the King

King Jacob changes the Castle

  • Valentine's Day Date (Valentine's Day Special)

Belle and Beast Plan a Valentine's Day Dinner

  • The Painting Mystery

Everyone found a Painting leads to a Mystery

Season 4

  • A Rash of Babies

Everyone in the Castle are turned into babies by a mysterious spell.

  • Houseguest Trouble

2 Lost Kids ruins A Castle

  • Fish and Mermaids

While at a Beach, Belle and the Gang found a Fish and a Mermaid

  • Belle and the Magician

Belle Admires the Magician

  • Follow the Leader

The Servants played Follow the Leader while Belle and Beast help Chef Brouche

  • Crouchy Chip Hidden Lumiere

Lumiere reveals he used to take Karate when he was a Kid

  • King Fife

Beast Made Fife King for Cleaning Up

  • The Nuclear Adventure

Everyone Starts a Challenge to Save the Planets

  • Thanksgiving To Do List (Thanksgiving Special)

Everyone Decided to do a Thanksgiving PLAY and Dinner

  • The Baby Turtle

Belle, Beast and The Servants care a Baby Turtle

  • Beast's Green Eyed Monster

Beast Becomes Jealous of Webster helping Belle

  • Trouble with Secrets

Chandleria has Trouble Keeping a Secret

Season 5

  • Lumiere's Wonderful Life

Lumiere dreams what Life would be Like without Him

  • The Big Storybook

Belle found a Storybook with Magic

  • Carnival Games

Everyone starts Playing carnival Games

  • Pet Peeved

Sultan made a Mess in the Castle

  • Swiss Family Beast

Belle, Beast and Servants gets lost in Forest

  • Visting Aunt Delia

Belle's Aunt Delia comes to Visit and is Speechless about Beast and Servants

  • Magic Lamp Trouble

Everyone made 3 wishes came true

  • Draw!

After Hurting Fife's Feelings, Everyone drew Mean Pictures of Cogsworth

  • Cosgworth Mr. Bossy

Everyone refuses to Speak Cogsworth because he's Bossy

  • My Fair Webster

Mrs. Potts teaches Webster to Be Polite at Dinner

  • Fife's Gardening Tools

Fife lost the Gardening Tools

  • Belle and the Great Big Fight

The Servants get into a Fight

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