App Powers

Power shooter App

Hearts acttck App

Form change Apps

Metal dragon App Invader Zim -> Metadrazim -> metadrazim beast mode

Data App Gaz -> Data Gaz -> Data Gaz upgrade mode

Wave App Sponge bob sqarepants -> Seadraspongebob -> seadraspongebob slash mode

Strong App Patrick -> Muscle Patrick -> Muscle Patrick super mode

Rubber App Fanboy -> Morph Fanboy -> Morph Fanboy inprove mode

Plushie App Chum chum -> Plush Chum chum -> Plush Chum chum merical mode

Fang App -> Fang Dudly -> Fang dudly dagger warrior mode

Tiger App -> Tiger Kitty katswell -> Tiger kitty katswell Pelt form

Blaster App Invader Blue -> Blaster Blue -> blaster blue mega mode

Fighter App Irken Ron -> Fighter Ron -> Fighter Ron Dao mode

Samrai App Jumpy ghostface -> samrai Jumpy -> Samrai Jumy great mode

Warrior's love App Pucca -> Heart Pucca -> Heart Pucca hope mode

Worroir's Honor App Garu -> Shuriken Garu -> shuriken garu Will Mode

Eletro App E-zag -> Octowire e-zag -> octowire e-zag high volt mode

Spike armor App/Mega App spike Zim -> Spike armored Zim

Thunder App/Mega App thunder E-zag -> Bright E-zag

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