Playable characters

  • Wyatt Williams aka The Black man musical (Guitar warrior/Mystical powers)
  • Nikki Wong aka The Bad ass (Fighter/magical gauntlet)

Guest Playable Characters

  • Courtney (Keyblade Wielder) [Total Drama series] - Day 18, In
  • Scott Pilgrim (Fighter) [Scott Pillgrim vs The World] - Day 35,
  • Stitch (Alien) [Lilo & Stitch] - Day 150, When they still Walking and they're see stitch and "it" attacks Nikki. But,Caitlin thinks stitch is cute and she hugs it. but, Stitch claws her.So,they battle it. After Stitch defeats, Scott decide he or it wants to join he side.

Non-Playable Characters

  • Eliza (Support role) - a Mysterious girl who appears in scott's dreams. Until he saw her in the rains. She's start Day 60.


  • Ginger Portman - Scott's aunt.she's is the side of his mother.
  • Josh Portman - Scott's cousin and he still a collage with his friend,Conner. Scott met him when he was 1 year old.
  • Ryan - Josh's roommate and best friend.he still at collage.
  • Courtney masterson -

Galleria Mall

  • Wayne -
  • The Clones -
    • Chrissy - Leader of the clones and Ass.Manager of khaki barn.
    • Kirsten -
    • Kristen - *
  • Serena

High School

  • Pricipal William Oxville
  • Mr.Thonsom [Geo.teacher]
  • Tricia - Caitlin's former best friend.
  • Tara - years ago, she was considered to be the hottest girl in school.Now, she is Gresser and always bulling on Jonesy because he ruins her plans to get her boyfriend back from Tricia. And he call her "shalow".
  • Lydia - Jonesy and gang are afaid of her because she's ovallrall crazy. Except Scott, He thinks she looks fine until he realize she's crazy. Turns out, she's crazy in love with him.
  • Justin - Tara's Ex boyfriend.

Neutral Characters

  • Kartesser (berserker knight) - he begins Day 7, He'll returns Day 367
  • Rito X (Ninja Demon) - he begins Day 9, He'll returns Day 367
  • Doppelgängers - they are the same weapons and powers. They start in Day 150.
    • Ryan (Weapon changer) - New Leader and Replace Tricia on they side.
    • Smithy (Ninja Armor) -
    • Katie (Keyblade wielder) -
    • Wendall (Guitar warrior/mystical powers) -
    • Jane (Jedi/Sith) -
    • Josh (Cyber gadget player) -
    • Vikki (Fighter/magical gauntlet) -


  • Zeet [Final Boss]
  • Ximenext ()
  • Dark Scott (Weapon changer)


  • Dark Jonesy (Ninja Armor)
  • Dark Caitlin (Keyblade wielder)
  • Dark Jen (Jedi/Sith)
  • Dark Wyatt (Guitar warrior/mystical powers)
  • Dark Jude (Cyber Gadget player)
  • Dark Nikki (Fighter/magical gauntlet)
  • Dark Tara (Rage carnage)
  • Dark Ron the rent-a-cop (Demon Avatar)
  • Dark Tricia (Keyblade wielder darkside)
  • Dark Marlowe (Demon Vampire)
  • Dark Couch

Ultimate Bosses

  • Dark apprentice (Jedi/Sith) [Star wars the force unleashed 2 DLC] - Day 122


  • Edd (Ed,Edd n Eddy High school) - he starts Day 54 *
  • Lo (Stoked) - Opening only

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