Lights Camera Muppets is a Disney Channel Original Series which will star The Muppets and introducing Johnny M.3 Marrero

The Muppet Performers

  • Steve Whitmire as Kermit the Frog/Rizzo/Beaker/Statler/Newsman/Link Hogthrob/Lips
  • Dave Goelz as Gonzo/Dr. Bunsen Honeydew/Beauregard/Zoot/Waldorf
  • Bill Baretta as Pepe/Rowlf/Swedish Chef/Dr.Teeth/Bobo/Lew Zealand/Johnny Fiamma/Big Mean Carl/Clifford
  • Eric Jacobson as Miss Piggy/Fozzie Bear/Animal/Sam Eagle/Marvin Suggs
  • David Rudman as Scooter/Janice/Luncheon Counter Monster/Sal Minella/Seymour/Dr. Van Neuter
  • Matt Vogel as Floyd Pepper/Camilla/Crazy Harry/Robin/Sweetums/Uncle Deadly/80's Robot/Dr. Strangepork/Pops
  • Peter Linz as Walter
  • Julianne Buescher
  • John Kennedy
  • Bruce Lanoil
  • Gordon Robertson
  • Allan Trautman
  • Leslie Carrara
  • Tyler Bunch as Thog/J.G./Clifford


  • Johnny M.3 Marrero as Johnny M.3 Richardson
  • Jasmine Sagginario as Lauren Robinson
  • Danielle Campbell as Danni"Danielle"Rodrigez
  • Matthew Timmons as Chris "Kudous" Zweig
  • Moises Arias as Connor Richardson
  • Kel Mitchell as Kel "Clavis" Johnson

Special Guest Stars

  • Jason David Frank as himself (1:Go, Go, Go, Go, Mighty Morphin Muppet Rangers)
  • Catherine Sutherland as herself (1:Go, Go, Go, Go, Mighty Morphin Muppet Rangers)
  • Jason Marsden as Ernie (all episodes)
  • Jaleel White as Steve Urkel (8
  • Hutch Dano as Zeke (1:Rowlf the Dog! Back on Board)
  • AllStar Weekend as themselves (1:An AllStar Muppet Show Weekend)
  • Alyson Stoner as Rebecca Smith (7:Return of an Old Best Dancer, Dance the Dance Partner Away, Here's Doctor Johnny Love, An AllStar Muppet Show Weekend, Taps for a Real Tap Dancing Lesson, Five Dates, Five Nights, Five Muppets and The Muppet Dance Off)
  • Claire Holt as Starr Emiles (1:The StarStruck Muppets
  • Sterling Kinght as Chad Dylan Cooper (11
  • Rob Paulson as himself/addional muppets
  • Jim Cummings as himself/additonal muupets
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Usher
  • Justin Bieber
  • Chris Brown
  • Leon Thomas III
  • Bella Thorne
  • Zendaya
  • Roshon Fegan
  • Kenton Duty
  • Ludacris
  • Kelsey Chow
  • Tiffany Thornton
  • Brandon Mychal Smith as Nico Harris
  • Doug Brochu
  • Matt Bennet
  • Elizabeth Gillies
  • Avan Jogia
  • Danielle Monet
  • Taylor Spreitler
  • Ashley Tisdale
  • Matt Lanter
  • Cody Linley
  • Eric Allen Kramer
  • Jason Derulo
  • Iyaz
  • Taio Cruz
  • Lady Gaga


  • Season 1: episodes
  1. There's No Muppet Show Business Like Muppet Show Business
  2. Go, Go, Go, Go, Mighty Morphin Muppet Rangers
  3. Muppet Race Mania
  4. When Ratings Go Up The Ratings Go Down
  5. Connor's First Love Crush
  6. Saved By The Muppets
  7. The Return of Jess Martin
  8. Guess Who's Rappin Around The Muppet Show
  9. Rowlf the Dog! Back on Board!
  10. Love at First Chicken Fight
  11. The Return of an Old Best Dancer
  12. Gonzo's Big Comeback
  13. Dance the Dance Partner Away
  14. Here's Doctor Johnny Love
  15. The Urkel is Back
  16. An AllStar Muppet Show Weekend
  17. Taps For a Real Tap Dancing Lesson
  18. Five Dates, Five Nights, Five Muppets
  19. Shake it Up! with a Chance of The Muppet Show, Part 1
  20. Shake it Up! with a Chance of The Muppet Show, Part 2
  21. Kermit and the Color Capers
  22. Bringing the Blue into The Corbin Blue
  23. The Curse of The Phantom of The Muppet Theater
  24. The Justin Biber is in and The Usher is Out
  25. The Man's Voice of Many Voices
  26. Everyboy Hates Gonzo the Great
  27. The Spectacular Victorious Muppet Show
  28. Boyfriend of a Broken Heart
  29. The StarStruck Muppets
  30. I'm Always Gonna Love you, Chance Crawford
  31. The Muppet Dance Off
  32. Fozzie's Big Break
  33. Big Time Muppets
  34. Invisible Kermit

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