When a rich billionaire is framed by his 3 superiors, Michael Dudd is a broke man who suddenly takes over the family fortune.


???, 2013


  • Marty Lipps (Ed Helms) - a broke man who lost his family fortune, and became drunk and crazy, in the end, gets Sober and be part of Helga's Life
  • Michael Dudd (Chris Pine) a broke man who was set up by Eli that he was once a descendent of his royal family, in the end, gets his fortune back, and marries Jannett!
  • Jannett Starr (Amanda Bynes) - Michael's love interest, who has wealth too, and starts to engage with Michael after realizing he was once a descendent of his royal family, in the end, marries Michael
  • Ingrid Griff (Rosaro Dawson) - Marty's ex-fiance, in the end, gets broke for ripping off the people!
  • Helga Rams (Moon Bloodgood) - Marty's love interest, after the loss of his family fortune, in the end, marries Marty, and makes him more of a better person!
  • Gordy Benjamin (Karl Urban) - Michael's partner in crime, who aids him in robbing off greedy bank rulers, in the end, is seen on a beach with a woman.
  • Jordon Rourke (William Sadler) - the chief of Police, who was always arrests Michael, though looks down to him like a son saying, "You do this to yourself, all the time, you know", in the end, He was caught helping the Hands of Glory rip off the people and was fired.
  • The Hands of Glory (Hugo Weaving as Franz, Terrence Stamp as Orson and Guy Pearce as Arch) - the 3 main antagonists, they were Marty's superiors, they swap Michael and Marty's lives, and their goal is to gain the treasure. In the end: they are in prison and punnished by the people they cheated!



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