These are lego lord of the rings sets to be released on April 1st 2013 in the united states(while being released earlier in other countries). Since the first wave was primarily focused on the first two movies, the second round will feature more return of the king sets. And in December of 2013 lego will release sets for the hobbit the desolation of Smaug.


The fall of Sauron:

Minifigures: Isildor, Sauron, dead Elendil.Includes: rubble from battle, Minifigures.

Price: 10:00.

Gondorian Outpost:

Minifigures: Gondorian soldier x2, Mordoe orc x2.

Includes:small tower with wall, orc wooden wall.

Price: 30:00.

The Balrog:

Minifigures: Balrog, Gandalf the grey, Moria orc x2.

Includes: Bridge of Khazad dum, Orc ledge.

Price: 40:00

The Haradrim come:

Minifigures: Harad grandmaster, Harad archer x2, Faramir, ranger.

Includes:small tree, Mumakil and tower on it's back.

Price: 50:00

The corsairs of Umbar:

Minifigures: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Dead soldier, Corsair x3.

Includes:Large corsair ship, row boat.


Winged Pursuit:

Minifigures: Frodo, Sam, Nazgul.

Includes: Fell beast, hobbit hiding place.

Price: 20:00

The Tower of Orthanc:

Minifigures: Sauruman, Uruk-hai x3, Uruk-hai commander, Treebeard, Ent x1, merry, Pippin.

Includes: Ents, Tower.

Price: 150:00

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