"Unfortunately I misjudged you, you are just a stupid police man.."

Lego James Bond The Video Game==

  1. Description
  2. Levels
  3. Hubs
  4. Level builder
1. Description: Lego 007 will play and act like similiar Lego games, espically the new Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heros . New features in this game will be multiple open world Hubs for players to explore, like London, Istanbul etc..., from the Bond Universe. Players will have access to gadgets in certain films, like the laser watch. The films will progress in order from Dr. No to Die Another Day, unlocking the Hubs as you go along. Vehicles can be unlocked during levels and purchased after completing a specific film. This game will contain TT's most characters in a game yet. Also players will be required to go to certain areas for imporatnt film cutscenes to progress the story, like visting professor Dent before starting the car chase.
2. Levels- The vital heart of the game, consiting of 120 levels, 6 per movie.

Dr. No

Level 1: Mi6 Training

Characters: Bond Tux, Q

Minikit: Giant Robot

Boss:Giant Robot(Q device)

Description: After a brief of exploration of the London Hub, players first level is deep within Q-Labs. It pits players against Q's obstacle course to prepare for your mission in Jamicia, including his new toy, the Giant Q-Bot

Level 2: Mr. Jones

Characters: Bond Tux, Felix Dr. No

Minikit: Government Car

Boss: Mr. Jones

Description: Once arriving to the Jamica Hub, players will locate a car to start the next mission. From here players will be forced to chase Dr. No's henchman Mr. Jones in Jamica with help from CIA agent Felix Liter

Level 3: Jamican Docks

Characters: Bond Grey Suit, Felix Dr. No

Minikit: Fishing Boat

Boss: Quarrel and Puss Feller

Description: After visting the Government Buildng and speaking to Dent, players will go investigate Quarrel, Strangeway's contact, eventually fighting him and his ally Puss Feller in the Diner at the Docks.

Level 4: Three Blind Mice(Vehicle Level)

Characters: Bond's Gov't car Felix's car

Minikit: Crane

Boss: Three Blind Mice Hearse

Description: After a meeting at Government estaate, players now head to Ms. Taro's apartment, but run into trouble, Dr. No's personal killers, the Three Blind Mice. This a vehicle Level and teachs players how to use vehicles in the game.

Level 5: Investigating Crab Key

Characters: Bond Crab Key, Quarrel, Honey Rider

Minikit: Dragon

Boss: Dragon

Description: Players head to Crab Key to investigate Dr. No. Here they meet the Bond Girl, Honey Rider, while avoiding enemies. This also includes Dr. No's mechanized Dragon tank.

Level 6: Escape from Crab Key

Characters: Bond Crab Key (Nice Suit, Escape, Scientist variants), Honey (Dress, Scientist, Escape)

Minikit: Crab Key

Boss: Dr. No

Description: Players enter the facility escorted by Dr. No's henchmen and eventually break free after a seris of events. They eventually sneak into the reactor to defeat Dr. No himself and destroy Crab Key.

From Russia With Love

Level 1: S.P.E.C.T.R.E Island

Characters: Red Grant Maze. Island Guard

Minikit: S.P.E.C.T.R.E Mansion

Boss: Fake James Bond

Description: Players take control of the villian Red Grant in a traing execrise to proof if he can kill James Bond and deliver the Lektor decoding machine.

Level 2: Gypsy Camp

Characters: Bond Grey Suit, Kerim Bey

Minikit: Tent

Boss: Russian Heavy Guard

Description: Players must help the gypsies survive a russian attack on their camp in Istanbul.

Level 3: Sniper Alley

Characters: Bond Grey Suit, Kerim Bey

Minikit: Billboard

Boss: Krilencu

Description: Players must use a snipe rifle to eliminate russian troops and the russian agent Krilencu at his house in Istanbul.

Level 4: Stealing the Lektor

Characters: Bond Grey Suit , Tatiana Romanova

Minikit: Lektor

Boss: Vault Turret

Description: Players must assault the Consulate in Istanbul to steal the Lektor.

Level 5: Orient Express

Characters: Bond Grey Suit, Kerim Bey, Tatiana Romanova

Minikit: Orient Express

Boss: Red Grant

Description: From the famous scene in the movie, players must fight aboard the famous Orient Express. 

Level 6: Escape the Border (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Scout Boat 1, Scout Boat 2

Minikit: Scout Boat

Boss: Morzeny's boat

Description: Players must escape the border and loose the S.P.E.C.T.R.E agents.


Level 1: Explosive Event

Characters: Bond Stealth, Mexican Contact

Minikit: Tankers

Boss: Factory Commando

Description: Players must infiltrate a bunker and destroy the foundation before heading to Miami for their next mission, investigating the evil industralist Auric Goldfinger.

Level 2: A Round of Golf

Character: Bond Golf, Caddy

Minikit: Goldfinger's car

Boss: Round of Golf

Description: Players, after leaving Miami, now play golf against Goldfinger and his caddy, Oddjob on the outskirts of the London Hub.

Level 3: Geneva (Vehicle level)

Character: Aston Martin DB5, Tilly's car

Minikit: Laser

Boss: Enemy Car

Description: Players must infilitrate Auric Enterprises and then escape Goldfingers personal army with help from Tilly Masterson.

Level 4: Goldfinger's Kentucky Hideaway

Characters: Bond Grey Suit, Felix Goldfinger

Minikit: Prison Cell

Boss: Mr. Solo

Description: Players must investigate Goldfinger's hideaway to discover the truth behind Operation Grand Slam, Goldfingers evil plot to destroy Fort Knox.

Level 5: Operation Grand Slam

Character: Bond Grey Suit, Kisch

Minikit: Fort Knox

Boss: Oddjob

Description: Players must stop Goldfingers plot to destroy Fort Knox and hold off against Goldfingers must loyal associate, Oddjob and his steel-rimmed hat.

Level 6: Private Jet

Character: Bond Grey Suit, Pussy Galore

Minikit: Jet

Boss: Goldfinger

Description: High above the skys, players must fight against an angry Goldfinger aboard a military private jet bound for Washington.


Level 1: Bouvar's Apartment

Characters: Bond Grey Suit, French Agent

Minikit: Jet-Pack

Boss: Jacques Bouvar

Description: Bond must stop S.P.E.C.T.R.E Agent Jacques Bouvar in his apartment in Paris and escape via jet pack. 

Level 2: Health Club

Characters: Bond Health Club, Minx

Minikit: Vulcan Bomber

Boss: Count Lippe

Description: After Paris, players must regain stamina while investigating S.P.E.C.T.R.E presence near the NATO air base. 

Level 3: Underwater Investigation

Characters: Bond Black Scuba, Felix Scuba

Minikit: CIA Boat

Boss: Largo Diver

Description: Bond must investigate Emilio Largo and his contaction to the stolen bomber under his yacht in Nassau.

Level 4: Junkanoo

Character: Bond Grey, Dominio

Minikit: Float

Boss: Fiona Volpe

Description: Players must navigate the the streets of the Junkanoo while evading S.P.E.C.T.R.E agent Fiona Volpe and fellow S.P.E.C.T.R.E agents.

Level 5: Largo's Estate

Characters: Bond Stealth, Felix Stealth

Minikit: Shark Pool

Boss: Vargas

Description: Bond must investigate Largo's Mansion to locate the stolen nuclear devices and proof Largo's guilt in the theft of the Vulcan Bomber.

Level 6: Disco Volante

Character: Bond Scuba, Dominio, Scientist

Minikit: Volante

Boss: Emilio Largo

Description: With the nukes in sights, players must fight in extensive underwater battles before reaching the Disco Volante and finally defeating Largo.

You Only Live Twice

Level 1: Osato Industries

Characters: Bond Japanese Disquise, Mr. Henderson

Minikit: Osato Industries

Boss: Chief of Security

Description: After staging their death, players must contact Japanese contact Mr. Henderson and investigate Osato's involment in the space-jacking. 

Level 2: Escape from Osato's Wrath (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Aki's car, Tanaka's Helicopter

Minikit: Tiger's Helicopter

Boss: Attack Car

Description: The next day, players must speak with Osato before being chased by his goons in Tokyo while being guarded by Tiger Tanaka's helicopter.

Level 3: Docks

Characters: Bond Grey Suit, Aki

Minikit: Cargo Ship

Boss: Dock Foreman

Description: Players must investigate Osato's cargo ship at the docks and find his involvment in the S.P.E.C.T.R.E organization.

Level 4: Little Nellie (Vehicle Level) 

Characters: Little Nellie, Tiger's Helicopter

Minikit: Little Nellie

Boss: Command Helicopter

Description: Bond must investigate the nearby island to locate the hidden S.P.E.C.T.R.E island.

Level 5: Ninja School

Character: Bond White Robe, Tiger Tanaka White Robe

Minikit: Double blade helicopter

Boss: Ninja Assassin

Description: Players must train to be a Ninja to assault the villanous lair of S.P.E.C.T.R.E

Level 6: Volcano Lair

Characters: Bond Astronaut (Ninja), Tiger Ninja, Kissy Suzuki, Astronaut 1 and 2

Minikit: Rocket

Boss: Hans

Description: Players must defeat Blofeld and his plot to spark WW3 in his Volcano Lair.

On Her Majesty's Secert Service

Level 1: Beach Front

Characters: Bond White Shirt, Tracy

Minikit: Cap-Sized Boat

Boss: Elite Killer

Description: Players must rescue the mysterious Ms. Tracy from a group of mysterious men out to kill her.

Level 2: Hotel Killer

Characters: Bond Tux, Tracy Dress

Minikit: DBS

Boss: Hotel Assassian

Description: Players must survive a attack from the same group of people that attacked them on the Beach Front.

Level 3: Blofeld's Mt. Hideaway

Characters: Bond Scholar(Escape, Ski), Contact

Minikit: Piz Gloria

Boss: Gunther

Description: Players must investagate Piz Gloria and discover the trurh behind it's real purpose.

Level 4: Snow Chase (Vehicle Level)

Character: Tracy's Cougar, Bond's Beetle

Minikit: Monster Truck

Boss: Irma Bunt's Attack Car

Description: Players must evade S.P.E.C..T.R.E agents led by Irma Bunt and her assosicate Gunther.

Level 5: Avanlache

Characters: Bond Ski, Tracy Ski

Minikit: Log Cabin

Boss: Ski Captain

Description: Players must evade Blofeld's army as they ski down the Swiss Alps to safety.

Level 6: Attacking Blofeld

Characters: Bond Snow, Draco Snow, Mafiaman Snow

Minikit: Bobsled

Boss: Blofeld/Blofeld's Bobsled

Description: Players must attack Piz Gloria and lead the assault on Blofeld. Players must rescue Tracy and fight Blofeld in high speed Bobsled chase.

Diamonds Are Forever

Level 1: Killing Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Characters: Bond Stealth, Bond Ally

Minikit: Plastic Surgery Table

Boss: Blofeld

Description: Players must track Blofeld across the globe and finally avenge Tracy's death by defeating him.

Level 2: Peter Franks

Characters: Bond Grey Suit, Tiffany Case

Minikit: Elevator

Boss: Peter Franks

Description: Players must make contact with Tiffany Case and prevent smuggler Peter Franks from reaching her first.

Level 3: Desert Escape(Vehicle Level)

Characters: Moon Buggy, Tiffany's Car

Minikit: Buggy

Boss: Police Van

Description: Players must investagate a research facility in Neveda and evade the Police and Willard Whyte's security force stationed around the desert.

Level 4: Rescuing Willard Whyte

Characters: Bond Brown, Felix Grey, Willard Whyte

Minikit: Condo

Boss: Bambi and Thumper, Bert Saxby

Description: Players must rescue Willard Whyte from his condo and fight the duo, Bambi and Thumper.

Level 5: Oil Rig Attack

Characters: Bond Tux, Tiffany Bikini

Minikit: Blofeld's Mini-Sub

Boss: Blofeld's Mini Sub

Description: Players must attack Blofelds base of operation and prevent him from ransoming the world. 

Level 6: Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd

Characters: Bond Tux, Tiffany Dress

Minikit: Cruise Ship

Boss: Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd

Description: Players fend off Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, who are trying to avenge the fallen Ernst Stavro Blofeld, aboard their cruise ship to London.

​Live and Let Die

Level 1: New York (Vehicle Level)

Characters: CIA Car, CIA Escort

Minikit: Statue of Liberty

Boss: Whisper's Car

Description: Players must head to NYC and investagate the deaths of fellow agents that are somehow connected to a island diplomat, Dr. Kananga. First the player must defeat his henchman Whisper.

Level 2: White Boy in Harlem

Characters: Bond Nice Suit, Strutter

Minikit: Fillet of Soul

Boss: Mr. Big Enforcer

Description: Players must investagate American gangster Mr. Big and his connection to Kananga and the dead agents.

Level 3: Bus Chase (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Tour Bus, Car

Minikit: Bus

Boss: Police van

Description: Players must escape the local police on San Monique and escape to New Orleans with Kananga's girl, Solitaire

Level 4: Airport (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Damaged Plane 1, Damaged Plane 2

Minikit: Damaged Plane

Boss: Taxi Driver's Car

Description: In New Orleans, players must escape Mr. Big's gang in the airport driving only damaged aircraft.

Level 5: Boat Chase (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Boat 1, Boat 2

Minikit: J.W Pepper's Car

Boss: Adam's Boat

Description: After being captured by Mr. Big/Dr. Kananga, players must escape the crocodile farm and escape through the Bayou's of New Orleans, evading the forces lead by Adam and cops lead by Sheriff J.W Pepper.

Level 6: Live and Let Die

Characters: Bond San Monique (Train), Solitaire

Minikit: Monorail

Boss: Baron Samedi, Kananga, Tee-Hee

Description: Players must stop Kananga's plot, but first must fight the immortal Baron Samedi. After defeating Kananga, players must also defeat Tee-Hee as he attempts one more final assaissation attemp on Bond aboard their train.

The Man With the Golden Gun

​Level 1: The Duel

Characters: Scaramanga, Nick Nack

Minikit: Fun House

Boss: Hitman

Description: On the island mansion of Scaramanga, players must locate the Hitman deep within his fun house and attempt to kill the man with the Golden Gun.

Level 2: Hong Kong

Characters: Bond Brown, Lt. Hip

Boss: Naval Practice Warrior

Description: Players must investigate Scaramanga in Hong Kong, but first must train alongside Lt. Hip in a naval training exercise.

Level 3: Hai Fat's Estate

Characters: Bond Dinner Jacket, Lt. Hip

Minikit: Estate

Boss: Sumo

Description: Players must have dinner with millionaire Hai Fat, but must fend off Nick Nack and his small horde of henchman.

Level 4: Karate School

Characters: Bond Karate, Lt. Hip, Lt. Hip's Nieces

Minikit: Bangkok Boat

Boss: Karate Master

Description: Players must fight through the hordes of karate students trying to kill them and escape the school while being pursued by Fat's Karate Master.

Level 5: Chase Through Hong Kong (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Demo Car 1, Demo Car 2

Minikit: Flying Car

Boss: Scaramanga's Car

Description:Players must chase Scaramanga through the streets and try to rescue Goodnight and retrieve the Solex Agitator.

Level 6: The Final Duel

Characters: Bond White Shirt, Nick Nack, Goodnight

Minikit: Bond's Plane

Boss: Scaramanga, Nick Nack

Description: Players must defeat Scaramanga and escape his island with the Solex Agitator.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Level 1: Ski Chase

Characters: Bond Snow TSWLM, Female Ally

Minikit: Mountain

Boss: KGB Agent

Description: Players must ski down the Alps and evade enemy agents to escape to safety.

Level 2: Egypt

Characters: Bond Tux, Anya(Agent XXX)


Boss: Jaws

Description: After investagating the club, players must retrive the microfilm from the Stromberg's massive henchman, Jaws.

Level 3: Jaws on a Train

Characters: Bond Pjs, Anya Pjs

Minikit: Train

Boss: Jaws

Description: Jaws is out to kill the player on their trip into Sardinia to investagate Stromberg.

Level 4: Lotus Chase (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Lotus 1, Lotus 2

Minikit: Minisub

Boss: Helicopter

Description: Players must evade Strombergs henchman as they try to kill them in the Lotus both above ground and under the sea.

Level 5: Liparus

Characters: Bond Navy, Navy Officer British, Navy Officer American

Minikit: Liparus

Boss: Liparus Captain

Description: Players must stop the nuclear destruction of the stolen subs aboard the super tanker, the Liparus.

Level 6: Atlantis

Characters: Bond Navy, Anya Dress

Minikit: Atlantis

Boss: Stromberg, Jaws

Description: Players must stop Stromberg aboard his home at Atlantis and escape while defeating Jaws.


Level 1: Skies Over Africa

Characters: Bond Blue Suit, Flight Attendant 

Minikit: Plane

Boss: Pilot and Jaws

Description: Players must free-fall and defeat the enmey pilot and Jaws, again.

Level 2: Drax Industries

Characters: Bond Blue, Holly Goodhead

Minikit: Centrifuge

Boss: Computer

Description: Players must invesgate Hugo Drax and his involvment in the theft of his Moonraker Shuttle.

Level 3: Venice Chase (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Boat 1, Boat 2

Minikit: Gondola

Boss: Enemy Ferry

Description: Players must escape Drax's henchman and investgate his true plane.

Level 4: Drax's Laboratory

Characters: Bond casual, Gondola ally

Minikit: Chang

Boss: Chang

Description: Players must investigate the Gas Globes & the shipment of boxes but interfered by Drax's right hand man Chang in Kendo Style.

Level 5: Rio Di Janeiro Parade

Characters: Bond Tux, Manuela

Minikit: Clown costume

Boss: Jaws

Description: Bond & his ally Manuela must investigate Drax's boxes but interfered by Jaws who was wearing a clown costume for the parade

Level 6: Trolley

Character: Bond no tie, Goodhead

Minikit: Trolley

Boss: Jaws

Description: Players must invesgate the mysterious poision in Rio, but must handle Drax's new henchman, Jaws.

Level 7: Amazon (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Q-Boat 1, Q-Boat 2

Minikit: Drax's Boat

Boss: Jaws Boat

Description: Players must inflitrate Drax's secert lair and discover his plot.

Level 8: Battle in Space

Characters: Bond Space, Goodhead Space, Jaws, Dolly

Minikit: Moonraker Station

Boss: Hugo Drax

Description: Players must stop Drax's plan to kill all of mankind and with aid of new ally, Jaws, must destroy his Space Station

For Your Eyes Only

Level 1: Mysterious Man (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Helicopter, Police Helicopter

Minikit: Wheel Chair

Boss: Blofeld in wheel chair

Description: Players must survive a ambush by a mysterious man high above London and try to defeat this man before he causes more harm

Level 2: Citroen chase (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Punch Buggy, Police Car

Minikit: Red Lotus

Boss: Enemy Truck

Description: Players must invesgate a mysterious hitman and escape his estate with the daughter of murdered archaleogists, the Havelocks.

Level 3: Mountain Escapade

Characters: Bond ski, Bibi Dahl, Luigi

Minikit: Dirt Bike

Boss: Kriegler

Description: Players must escape contarcted assaissans and KGB agent Kriegler in the mountains of Italy.

Level 4: Ice Arena

Characters: Bond ski, Luigi

Minikit: Hockey Player

Boss: Goalie

Description: Bond was in the Ice Arena meeting Bibi & saying goodbye but attacked by Locque's Hockey Players.

Level 5: Buggy attack

Characters: Bond white shirt, Lisl

Minikit: Buggy

Boss: Locque's Buggy

Description: Bond & Lisl are in the beach but interfered by Locque & his hechmen buggies.

Level 6: Drug Raid

Characters: Bond Stealth, Columbo Stealth

Minikit: Colombo's Ship

Boss: Locque

Description: Players must investagate Kristatos and his involvment with the Russians search for ATAC.

Level 7: Searching For ATAC

Characters: Bond Scuba, Melina Scuba

Minikit: Sunken Ship

Boss: Underwater Attacker

Description: Players must locate ATAC and stop  Kristato's henchman from stealing it.

Level 8: ATAC Retrieval

Characters: Bond FYEO, Columbo, Melina

Minikit: Gogol's Helicopter

Boss: Kristatos

Description: Players must sneak into Kristato's hideaway and prevent the sale of the ATAC device to General Gogol.


Level 1: Espinoage

Characters: Bond General, Cuban Contact

Minikit: Mini-Plane

Boss: General Torro

Description: Players must destroy a Cuban air base and escape to their next mission

Level 2: Chase Through India (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Indian Taxi 1, Indian Taxi 2

Minikit: City Square

Boss: Kamal's Assassian's Car

Description: Players must defeat Kamal's assassian's in India and reach the secert Q-Labs

Level 3: Octopussy's Lair

Characters: Bond Stealth, Octopussy

Minikit: Yo Yo Saw

Boss: Yo Yo Saw User

Description: After investagating Kamal Khan's palace, players must inflitrate the secert lair of Octopussy and evade Kamal's hired thugs in her bedroom.

Level 4: Train

Characters: Bond Knife Thrower, Ally

Minikit: Train

Boss: Orlov, Mischka, Grischka

Description: Players must investagate Khan and Orlov and their plan to destroy a West German airbase aboard Octopussy's Circus train.

Level 5: The Bomb

Characters: Bond Clown, Airforce Guard

Minikit: Bomb

Boss: Kamal Ally

Description: Players must defuse the bomb in Octopussy's circus before it cause nuclear disarmament in the West.

Level 6: Protect Octopussy

Characters: Bond Stealth, Octopussy

Minikit: Kamal's Plane

Boss: Gobinda

Description: Players must rescue Octopussy and defeat Khan's henchman Gobinda high above the air atop a airplane.

A View to A Kill

Level 1: The Chip

Characters: Bond Snow, Contact

Minikit: Iceberg Sub

Boss: Russian Helicopter

Description: Players must obtain a chip from the fallen 003 in Russian territory.

Level 2: France (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Taxi, French Cop Car

Minikit: Eiffel Tower

Boss: Mayday

Description: Players must chase Mayday through the streets of Paris to try and capture her.

Level 3: Zorin's Horse Race

Characters: Bond Jockey, Tibbett

Minikit: Horse

Boss: Zorin

Description: Players must race across Zorins deadly horse track and try to escape his mansion alive.

Level 4: City Hall

Character: Bond Brown Suit, Sally

Minikit: Fire Truck

Boss: Zorin Heavy

Description: Players must escape Zorins blaze at San Francisco City Hall and the local police aboard a fire truck.

Level 5: The Mines

Characters: Bond Worker, Sally Worker

Minikit: Zorin's Blimp

Boss: Mayday

Description: Players must locate the bomb in the San Andreas Fault and prevent the destruction of Silicon Valley

Level 6: Golden Gate

Characters: Bond Worker, Sally Worker

Minikit: Bridge

Boss: Zorin

Description: Players must hold on tight to reach the Bridge and defeat Max Zorin.

The Living Daylights

Level 1: Training

Characters: Bond Stealth, 003

Minikit: Ammo Truck

Boss: Rouge Agent

Description: Players must avenge 004's death and pursue the rouge agent in the Mi6 training scenario. 

Level 2: Mi6 Safehouse

Characters: Mi6 Guard, Mi6 Section Chief

Minikit: Medic Helicopter

Boss: Necros

Description: Players must protect Koskov from the ambush at the safehouse by assassian Necros.

Level 3: Border Chase (Vehicle Chase)

Characters: Aston Martin, Cop Car

Minikit: Big Rig

Boss: Enemy Jeep

Description: Players now must escape Soviet territory with cellist Kara Milovy and head to Vienna to aprehend Koskov for his betrayal to Mi6

Level 4: Pushkin

Characters: Bond Tangier, Kara

Minikit: Soviet Stage

Boss: Pushkin

Description: Players must stage the assassination of General Pushkin to lure Koskov into the open.

Level 5: Airfield

Characters: Bond Afghan, Kara 

Minikit: Soviet Plane

Boss: Necros

Description: In Afghanistan, players must escape Russian jail and destroy a plane full of drugs while defeating  Necros once and for all.

Level 6: Arms Dealer

Characters: Bond Stealth, Felix TLD

Minikit: Gettysburg Table

Boss: Brad Whitaker

Description: Players must defeat arms dealer Brad Whitaker for his involvment in the Afghanistan drug deal.

Licence To Kill

Level 1: Capture

Characters: Bond Wedding, Felix Wedding

Minikit: DEA Helicopter

Boss: Sanchez

Description: Players must aid the DEA while in route to a wedding to aprehend Colombian drug lord, Franz Sanchez, before he leaves the Florida Keys.

Level 2: Wavekrest

Characters: Bond Diver LTK, Lupe

Minikit: Wavekrest

Boss: Milton Krest

Description: After going rouge, players will investagte a marine research vessel owned Milton Krest and foil his transaction of drugs and money.

Level 3: Bar Brawl

Characters: Bond Bar, Pam

Minikit: Pam's Boat

Boss: Dario

Description: After searching Felix's computer, players must meet Pam Bouvier and protect her from Sanchez goon, Dario.

Level 4: Death to Sanchez

Characters: Bond Blue Tux, Pam Dress

Minikit: Hand Signature Rifle

Boss: Hong Kong Narcotics Agent

Description: Thanks to Q, players must attempt to kill Sanchez in his Casino in Isthmus City.

Level 5: Sanchez's Compound

Characters: Bond Blue Tux, Pam 

Minikit: Forklift

Boss: Dario

Description: After inflitrating Sanchez's organization, players must join Sanchez on a tour of his refinery with the orientals and begin to destroy the facility and stay in pursuit of Sanchez and the gas tankers. 

Level 6: Tanker Chase (Vehicle/Walking Level)

Character: Tanker, Pam's Plane/ Bond Blue Tux, Pam

Minikit: Tanker

Boss: Sanchez

Description: Players must drive their tankers/plane and chase Sanchez ending in a brutal fight in a ditch near the road.


Level 1: Facility 

Characters: Bond Stealth, Trevelyan(006)

Minikit: Dam

Boss: Ourumov

Description: Players must stealthly inflitrate a Russian chemical facility run by General Ourumov and destroy it.

Level 2: Monte Carlo

Characters: Bond Blue Tux, Caroline

Minikit: Tiger Helicopter

Boss: Xenia Onatopp

Description: Players must try to stop Xenia and Ourumov from stealing the EMP harderened Tiger Helicopter in Monte Carlo.

Level 3: Archives

Characters: Bond Black Suit, Natalya

Minikit: Archives

Boss: Ourumov

Description: After identifying Janus as Alec Trevelyan, 006, players must escape the Russian Archives after being framed for the murder of Defense Minister Dimitri Mishkin by Ourumov.

Level 4: Tank Chase (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Tank, Military Jeep

Minikit: Tank

Boss: Ourumov's Car

Description: Players must pursue Ourumov through St. Petersburg and avoid the Russian Police.

Level 5: Jungle

Characters: Bond Jungle, Natalya Jungle

Minikit: Xenia's Helicopter

Boss: Xenia, Boris

Description: Players must locate the Janus control room and try to distrupt the Goldeneye satellite before Alec destroys London.

Level 6: Cradle

Characters: Bond Jungle, Natalya Jungle 

Minikit: Cradle

Boss: Trevelyan

Description: High above the Cuban Rainforest, players must destroy the antenna cradle and engage former 006, Alec Trevelyan, atop the hanging platform.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Level 1: Bazaar

Characters: Bond Terrorist, Mi6 Double Agent

Minikit: Jet

Boss: Henry Gupta

Description: Players must defeat a terrorist arms bazaar and hijack a Russian MIG before the Royal Navy destroys the entire the bazaar and causes a nuclear detontion.

Level 2: News Station

Characters: Bond German, Wai Lin

Minikit: News Convyer Belt

Boss: Security Chief

Description: After Carvers Party, players will investagte his secert laboratory in the news station to obtain the stolen GPS encoder.

Level 3: Parking Lot (Vehicle Level)

Characters: BMW 750i, Paris's Car

Minikit: Enemy Car

Boss: Stamper's Car

Description: Players must escape the hotel parking gararge with the encoder and lose the pursuit of Stamper.

Level 4: A British Diaster

Characters: Bond Scuba Military Grade, Wai Lin Scuba

Minikit: British Frigate

Boss: Carver Diver

Description: Players must locate the sunken ship, the HMS Devonshire, and prove Carver is the one who actually sunk it.

Level 5: Bike Escape (Vehicle Level) 

Characters: Bike 1, Bike 2

Minikit: Carver Media Helicopter

Boss: Carver Media Helicopter

Description: Players must outrun Carver's henchman in Saigon atop the rooftoops of the city. 

Level 6: Stealth Boat

Characters: Bond Stealth, Wai Lin Stealth

Minikit: Stealth Boat

Boss: Carver, Stamper

Description: Players must stop Carver's plan to start WW3 and prevent his missile launch into Beijing.

The World is Not Enough

Level 1: Thames Boat Chase (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Mi6 Boat, Police Boat

Minikit: Cigar Girl's Boat

Boss: Cigar Girl's Boat

Description: Players must avenge Sir Robert King's death by pursuing Cigar Girl in the Thames River in London.

Level 2: Alpine Escape

Characters: Bond Ski TWINE, Elektra 

Minikit: Para-Glider

Boss: Command Glider

Description: Players must protect Sir Roberts's Daughter, Elektra, from the same group of people who killed her father during a ambush on the Alps.

Level 3: Silo

Characters: Bond Silo, Christmas 

Minikit: Missile

Boss: Renard

Description: Players must stop the terrorist, Renard, from stealing a nuclear warhead from a Russian missile silo.

Level 4: Rigged to Blow

Characters: Bond Grey, Christmas Oil Rig

Minikit: Pipeline

Boss: Bomber

Description: Players must ride through the King oil pipeline to stop a major bomb threat by Renard.

Level 5: Harbor

Characters: Bond Tux, Christmas Docks, Valentin TWINE

Minikit: Saw Helicopter

Boss: Attack Helicopter

Description: Players must find Elektra and the kidnapped M by investagating Valentine's involvement with Elektra and Renard, but first must fend off against Elektra's attack helicopter.

Level 6: Sub Zero

Characters: Bond Grey, Christmas Istanbul, Valentin TWINE, Valentin Heavy

Minikit: Russian Nuclear Sub

Boss: Elektra, Renard

Description: Players must stop Elektra's plot to dominate the oil market and destroy Istanbul in a nuclear meltdown caused by the stolen sub provided by Valentin.

Die Another Day

Level 1: Hovercraft Getaway (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Hover Craft 1, Hover Craft 2

Minikit: Moon's Hovercraft

Boss: Crn. Moon's Command Hovercraft

Description: Players must chase Crn. Moon through North Korea and stop his illegal arms deals.

Level 2: Los Organos

Characters: Bond Cuban, Jinx

Minikit: Los Organos

Boss: Zao

Description: Players must find out who framed them in Korea and locate Zao to get their next major lead in their case.

Level 3: Fencing Club

Characters: Bond Fence, Miranda Frost Fence

Minikit: Club

Boss: Gustav Graves

Description: Players must meet Gustav Graves face to face and find his connection to Zao, while engaging in a massive sword fight in a London club.

Level 4: Grave's Diamond Mine

Characters: Bond Stealth Iceland, Jinx Stealth

Minikit: Laser Table

Boss: Mr. Kil

Description: Players must invesatgate Graves "mine" and locate the true purpose of the Icarus satellite.

Level 5: Test Launch (Vehicle Level)

Characters: Vanquish, NSA Standard Car

Minikit: Ice Hotel

Boss: Zao's Jaguar XKR

Description: Players must escape the Icarus beam and defeat Zao in a intesnse chase in Grave's ice hotel. 

Level 6: Airplane Showdown

Characters: Bond Commando, Jinx Commando

Minikit: Icarus

Boss: Frost, Graves

Description: Players must fight their way through Graves command plane and engage Graves in a intense battle in the control

3. Hubs: Hubs are vital to this game. There are mutliple hubs for players to explore, from London to Hong Kong and even Istanbul. Hubs are unlocked during the course of the game and each has their own characters, vehicles and side quests for players to accomplish.

4. Level Builder: Like Lego Indiana Jones 2, level builder will be back, but improved. It will include new features such as developing stoys and making your own Bond films and using your custom minifigures as bad guys or your hero. You can design vehicle, brawl, boss, puzzle, and stealth based levels. This feature can also be done online with friends. Certain features can also be downloaded online, such as new weapons and new characters.

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