Legion Loud is the semi-antagonist turn final protagonist of The Loud House Movie & a fusion of Lincoln & his sisters who was created by Maximus to take revenge against Lynn Sr. & Rita. However, though she has the presence & conviction of a respected member of society & is very intelligent, strong, independent & fun to be around, she's still technically a newborn. What memories she has are but faint shadows of those she was made out of, though Clyde, Ronnie & the others helped her remember. Though she is looked up to, she worries that she's too detached & too gullible. These crushing doubts are seemingly her only weakness. Her only goal is to be at peace with herself. She doesn’t want to destroy or aid Royal Woods; she simply wants to be alone, though she does help when needed & doesn't mind company over & just don't want to die if she separates back into her components. So they keep living as one. She's voiced by Janice Kawaye. She now stars in her own spin-off show called Diary of a Loud.


  • Likes chocolate, doughnuts, cookies, snicker-doodles & pizza
  • Likes the Burpin Burger
  • Likes Dream Boat, Dessert Storm & ARGGH!
  • Caring towards others, though doesn't know how to show it
  • Likes video games
  • Likes chicken fights
  • Likes Boyz Will Be Boyz
  • Likes getting into food fights
  • Hates being a laughingstock
  • Likes SMOOCH
  • Likes all kinds of movies
  • Likes ghost hunting
  • Likes Blarney the Dinosaur


  • In love with Bobby.
  • Likes using make up.
  • Likes talking or texting on her phone, even having Lori's muscle memory
  • Likes sushi & hard-boiled eggs
  • Likes Golf
  • Hates catching people in her room
  • Mastery of Ballroom Dancing & Waltz

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • She doesn't says literally
  • She's not bossy.
  • She doesn't have a double chin.
  • She doesn't mind Clyde obsessing over her, though she told him not to be so obsessed with her


  • In Love with Chaz.
  • She has a sense of fashion
  • Likes going to the mall & shopping for various things
  • Can be distracted by shiny objects
  • Likes smoothies, bubblegum & egg whites
  • Mastery of Interpretive dance along with Jazz Hands
  • Likes Manicures & Pedicures
  • Might be high-functioning autistic

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • She's not an airhead.
  • She doesn't have arachnophobia.
  • She doesn't hate rats or squirrels.
  • She doesn't mind wearing scrunchies, leg warmers & socks & sandals together
  • She doesn't walk into walls.


  • Enjoys any music
  • Likes playing guitar, even having Luna's muscle memory
  • In Love in Sam
  • Bisexual
  • Likes Bangers & mash, Sunny side-up eggs, Root beer & Popcorn
  • Sings in the shower
  • Mastrey of Contemporary/Jazz, generally consisting of posing in various ways

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • She doesn't bring up song references all the time.
  • She's not obsessed over Mick Swagger.
  • She doesn't mind what kind of party it is, since the party she throws is a hybrid of a wild & sophisticated party.


  • She laughs a lot
  • In love with Benny & Maggie
  • Likes puppetry & balloon animals
  • Makes gadgets & devices á la Pee Hee Herman
  • Likes Mexican food, bananas, funny-side up eggs & popcorn
  • Mastery of Tarantella/Tapdancing

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • She doesn't pulls pranks on anyone.
  • She doesn't make puns.


  • Likes playing sports of any kind
  • In Love with Francisco
  • Likes submarine sandwiches & scrambled eggs
  • Strong, both literally & figuratively
  • Likes exercising, though she can be a little extreme with it
  • Likes giving Dutch ovens
  • Mastery of Hip-hop (J-pop, K-pop & Jazz influenced, generally verging on punk music) & Capoeira

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • She's not superstitious, but not a debunker either.
  • She doesn't mind sport games being rained out.
  • She's not a gloater.


  • Reads anything in her underwear, though she doesn't limit it to just that
  • In Love with Christina, Ronnie & Paige
  • Cuddles Bon Bon
  • Likes Ketchup Sandwiches, Peanut Butter & Sauerkraut Sandwiches, Zombie Bran cereal, Grilled cheese with jelly on the top
  • Breaks 4th wall to viewers
  • Likes Starship Groupers & King of the Rings
  • Likes going to arcades
  • Hates making people unhappy
  • Mastery of Latin Dance (Tango/Salsa)

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • She doesn't hang out with Clyde.
  • She's not a fan of Muscle Fish, Ace Savvy & Tippy.
  • She doesn't collect coins.
  • She's not as selfish or stupid as he could be at times.


  • Scares people unexpectedly
  • In love with Rocky & Silas
  • Likes Vampires of Melancholia
  • Reads & writes poems
  • Likes Princess Pony
  • Doesn't mind talking about dark material whether it be shootings to shark attacks to 9/11
  • Hates being forgotten about or unnoticed
  • Likes talking about cryptids & other monsters
  • Can talk to ghosts
  • Likes Blood pudding & Extra well-done eggs
  • Mastery of Breakdancing, Popping & Locking with some Hip-Hop thrown in

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • She doesn't hate pink.
  • She doesn't say "Sigh."
  • Having her components killed by Maximus, she gained thanatophobia, though she developed immortality.
  • She doesn't sleep in a coffin.
  • She doesn't like conducting funerals
  • She isn't into spiritualism
  • She's not affected by bleach.
  • She's not a Twihard fan.


  • Loves to play in mud
  • Likes Animals, though she doesn't mind Alligator wrestling
  • Likes making mud pies
  • Enjoys getting her hands really dirty
  • She doesn't mind digging in & picking up trash
  • Likes dog food, chicken noodle soup, deviled eggs, dog biscuits
  • She has plumbing skills & likes fixing things
  • Mastery of Jive & Swing
  • She doesn't mind pickup her nose & eating her boogers.

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • Not all of her pleasures are found in filth of all kinds & anything unhygienic.
  • She doesn't mind being called cute.
  • She doesn't hate peanut butter & sauerkraut sandwiches or rhubarb.
  • She's not acrophobic.


  • Likes to stay cute.
  • Uses glitter
  • Likes beauty pageants & fashion shows
  • Likes playing with dolls
  • Likes little princess pies, deviled eggs
  • Mastery of Jive & Swing
  • Likes Badminton
  • Hates being messed with

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • She's not bratty or narcissistic.
  • She's not a tattletale, snitch, stool pigeon or whatever you want to call her 
  • She doesn't watch plastic surgeries gone wrong.


  • Her intelligence
  • In Love with David
  • Likes fried eggs, crustless PB&J sandwiches & marshmallows
  • Being able to create inventions
  • Likes performing experiments, though she hates it when they're stopped or going wrong.
  • Able to solve complex mathematical equations
  • Likes playing bingo
  • Mastery of Hip-Hop (J-pop & K-pop influenced, much closer to bubblegum pop music than hard rock)

What She Doesn't Have from This Loud

  • She doesn't have a lisp or is scatterbrained when it comes to chemicals.
  • She doesn't do poop studies
  • She doesn't have bad social skills, though she doesn't talk alot


  • Likes playing some baby toys
  • Very Cheerful
  • Likes Milk
  • Cuddles her blanket & teddy bear
  • In love with her teddy bear & Jared
  • Sucks her thumb & a pacifier at times
  • Chess Expert
  • Hates being forced to change
  • Can talk theatrically at times
  • Hates being woken from her sleep
  • Mastery of Ballet & Chinese Lion Dance

What She Doesn't Have From This Loud

  • She doesn't wear diapers
  • She doesn't eat on a high chair


  • Lori: Skeleton, Eyeshadow, a breast made into a D-Cup size, some of her fingers
  • Leni: Hair design, Legs, a breast made into a D-Cup size
  • Luna: Part of a Lung, kidneys, some of her fingers
  • Luan: 1/3 of her brain, toes
  • Lynn: Muscles, Muscle Tendons, liver, hands
  • Lincoln: White Tuft of Hair, Eyes
  • Lucy: Feet, Black bangs near the face
  • Lana: Part of a Lung, Ears, Tongue
  • Lola: Part of a Lung, Nose
  • Lisa: 1/3 of her brain, pulsating scalp
  • Lily: Mouth, 1/3 of her brain, heart

Traits that did not come from any of them

  • tends to help people more often
  • high metabolism despite not knowing when to stop eating
  • usually stoic
  • hides how she's feeling, though she does try to express it
  • tends to pace around which she uses for stimming
  • happy-go-lucky

Powers from the Louds

Casual Attire

It's a fusion of the Louds' casual wear.

  • Luna's paperclip earrings
  • Lana's Baseball Cap
  • Lola's Tiara
  • Rainbow Eyeshadow
  • A fusion of the Sunglasses Leni never uses & Lisa's glasses
  • A leather track jacket
  • Lincoln's shirt with the frills from Leni's dress, ripped sleeve ends & a skull from Luna's shirt & red sleeves & a 1 from Lynn's sports jersey, but shoulderless, with cleavage & ends at her navel
  • A breathable sports bra
  • Lola's gloves which she only uses for when washing dishes & experimenting

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