Le Channel Kingdom Hearts is a French Programming Block on France 3 (Formerly Known as FR3). Which Le Disney Channel Used to Aired on France 3 from 1985-1988. Also, It Will Be Replacement Version of Le Disney Channel on France 3 Block and France Version of Kingdom Hearts. The Mascot Will Be Sora's Keyblade and Sorcerer Mickey's Magic Hat.

List of Shows:

Disney Shows

Austin and Ally

A.N.T. Farm

All Star Muppet Show


Car Toons: Mater's Tall Tales

Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers

Darkwing Duck

Davy Crockett (TV Miniseries)

Disney Family Album

Disney's Peanuts and VeggieTales

Disney's All New House of Mouse

Disney's Doug

Dog With a Blog

Donald Duck Presents



Dumbo's Circus

Fish Hooks

Good Luck, Charlie

Good Morning, Mickey!

Goof Troop

Higglytown Heroes

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Jessie (TV Series)

Jiminy Cricket Educational Series

Kim Possible

Lilo and Stitch: The Series

The Little Mermaid (TV Series)

Mickey Mouse Works


Pair of Kings

PB&J Otter

Phineas and Ferb

The Proud Family


Rolie Polie Olie

Shake It Up

Sora's & Mickey's PhilharMagical Stories


Star Tours: The Series


The Mouse Factory

The Muppets (2015 TV Series)

Timon and Pumbaa

Tron: Uprising

Walt Disney Presents: Annette

Welcome to Pooh Corner

Wizards of Waverly Place

Zorro (1957 TV Series)

Non Disney Shows

Big Time Rush



Camp Lazlo

Out of Jimmy's Head

Cow & Chicken

I Am Weasel

Pound Puppies (1986 TV Series)

How to Rock

Hong Kong Phooey

Josie and the Pussycats

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