Kōseki Sentai Osenger (better known as Crystal Squadron Osenger) is the 41st Super Sentai season. It has a Mineral & Jewel theme.


The story begins on Earth in 2030, when gems are a common currency on the planet and technology was advanced to throughly suit man's needs, until a small asteroid hits, causing destruction throughout the entire planet and an evil warlord named Helixion took over the already damaged world for his own and obtain 7 special gems in the world to power up his Spectrum Laser and conquer the universe. But there is a group of rebels who found special stones called "Prism Gems" disguised as regular gems, which allow them to transform into Super Sentai.


Gennosuke Kurogane (Rubī Reddo) - Gennosuke is the son of a miner who works at a local mining company, and the cocky, yet brave leader of the Osengers. He obtained the Ruby Prism Gem from his father while Georosuke was attacking the Earth with his army of Orenites and escaped when his father was captured telling him to "protect what's destined for you". He joined the resistance swearing revenge on Georosuke that he'll vow on finding his father. Sometimes brash and strict with the other rangers, he does have a soft spot whenever he goes a bit overboard and mostly apologizes for his actions due to his tragic past. His Prism Power is Fire Wave.

Eichiro Abukara (Safaia Burū) - Eichiro is a member of the resistance when Georosuke invaded the Earth. He found the Sapphire Prism Gem while pursuing a group of Orenites at an abandoned factory glowing under some rubble. He's the younger brother of Hideaki Abukara, who went missing while looking for his missing mother and left him with the resistance for protection. As Second-in-command, he is the opposite of Gennosuke and often tries to calm him down when ever he tries to do something reckless or irresponsible to himself. His Prism Power is Ice Claws.

Akane Chikamatsu (Topāzu Kiiro) - Akane was a part of resistance until their family betrayed them in exchange for their lives. This angers Akane, who retaliates on the Orenites by destroying them with a strange power in which she fainted and has no recollection of it afterwards. Soon she realized that her anger of the betrayal powered the Topaz Prism Gem which she learned how to power up by channeling all of her anger to the gem. A bit of a tomboy, she doesn't hold back on her enemies and even saving Gennosuke at one time. Her Prism Power is Lightining Shockwave.

Dai Haruguchi (Emerarudo Gurīn) - Dai is the tech whiz of the team. He discovered the Emerald Prism Gem glowing a fallen asteroid. Most of his creations backfire but one day he successfully created the Prism Weapons for the Osenger to use in battle. Mostly the comic relief of the team, he cheers the others up with his sense of humor whenever the team feels down or depressed. His Prism Power is Tornado Spiral.

Chitose Shidehara (Rōzuku~ōtsu Pinku) - Chitose is a member of the resistance when Gerorosuke invaded Earth. Like Eichiro, her sister was gone missing while she and her sister we're on the run from the Orenites. She was given the Rose Quartz Prism Gem in the form of a heart shaped pendant. She acts shy around the others at first, but after she gathers courage thanks to Akane's help and guidance. Her Prism Power is Multi Mass, which enables her to multiply an infinite amount of times.

Hideaki Abukara (Onikisu Burakku) - Hideaki is the older brother of Eichiro and the leader of the resistance until he went missing 5 years ago looking for his lost mother, leaving Eichiro behind with the resistance until he returned under Georosuke's control with the Onyx Stone to destroy & capture the rangers with Kaoru until the control was broken by the rangers' Prism Beam, nullifying the effects of the mind control. Mostly reluctant with the other rangers due to their suspicion of the effects of the Onyx Stone, he often lends a hand when the team are in more trouble than usual. His Prism Power is a Dark Whip he could use in battle.

Kaoru Shidehara (Daiyamondo Shiro) - Kaoru is a mysterious ranger created by Stelagtix, Georosuke's evil scientist and Right hand man to destroy & capture the Sentai along with Hideaki. Her loyalty was tested when Georosuke ordered her to kill Gennosuke but refused due to Dai's program booted memories which enable her to break the spell at the last minute. She is rumored to be Chitose's older sister who was captured by Georosuke and made his first example of punishment years ago. She possesses the Diamond Prism Gem, which enable her to use the Prism Power the Heart of Light, which enables her to scan for any hidden enemies in the surrounding area. She often arrives with Hideaki, since they share a bond while they was under Georosuke's control, and often holds back due to the altered programming he's processing.

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