Kodomo Sentai Youthenger vs Drivenger! will be the next Super Sentai teamup.


While the first five Drivengers were fighting a Potato Do, YouthenGreen butts in and kills it. After he reverts to his human form, the Drivengers shockingly discover that he is working for K.I.D.S., and arrest him for rebellious crimes, and lock him up. The Youthengers hear of this, and demand the Drivengers for his release. But, they refuse and duel. Even worse, TriRanger and the Bureau of Power meet Ryuka Hasabi, the creator of the drives that the Crime Syndicate Venohart use! The two teams must call a truce and must bail Detso out. Afterwards, YouthenRed, YouthenBlack, YouthenBlue, YouthenYellow, YouthenWhite, YouthenGreen, DrivenRed, DrivenBlue, DrivenGreen, DrivenYellow, DrivenWhite, DrivenLeo, DrivenMaiden, DrivenSailor, DrivenLiner, and TriRanger must unite to stop Ryuka Hasabi, Jiro Kazaki, Naomi Musaga, and released members of Venohart.


Ryuka Hasabi: the main villain of the teamup, and the original creator of the same drives that Venohart use. He is able to transform into Manet of the Chimera, a lion monster. After being scrapped by YouthenRed, DrivenRed, and TriRanger, Ryuka dies, and Jiro(as the giant Yam Do) fuses with the broken drive's extracts to become Yamchera Do. Then, this form is destroyed by Driven Youthen-Oh.

Kenta Vyasa: former member of Venohart who escaped prison. He possesses a Male Double drive, which splits him into both Zolle of the Goblin and Racku of the Vampire. Both were destroyed by YouthenBlue, YouthenBlack, DrivenWhite, and DrivenGreen. Kenta is then spotted by the authorities.

Jinja Vyasa: former member of Venohart who escaped prison. She has a Female Double drive, which splits her into both Bebe of the Siren and Jera of the Witch. She is then destroyed by YouthenYellow, YouthenWhite, DrivenBlue, and DrivenYellow. The police then arrested her.


Driven Youthen-Oh: Mechas DrivenRacer, DrivenMarine, DrivenJet, DrivenRoader, DrivenTanker, DrivenLion, DrivenGyro, DrivenGalleon, DrivenTrainer, and DrivenRhino become giant drives that insert into Youthen-Oh, making it stronger.

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