4kids had made a big mistake and lost the right to this anime. Maybe Studio B and Viacom should rebud it British Columbia, Vancoverand a it a original for Nicktoons Network or Nick Plus

Casting Suggestions

(Vancover version)

  • Tiff-Kelly Sheridan
  • Tuff-Chiara Zanni
  • King Dedede-Jess Harnell
  • Escargoon-Ian James Corlett
  • Meta Knight-Jay Hickman
  • Chef Kawisaki-Sam Vincent
  • Waddle Dees-Matt Hill
  • Waddle Doo-Terry Klassen
  • Kakori the Bird-Tabatha St. Germain
  • Sword Knight/Blade Knight-Colin Murdoc
  • Whispy Woods-Gary Chalk
  • Sir Emblum/NME Salesman-Scott McNeil
  • Lady Like/Cappy Kids-Maggie Blue O' Hara

(Toronato version)

  • Tiff-Hilary Haag
  • Tuff-Scott McCord
  • King Dedede-Patrick McKenna
  • Escargoon-William Salyers
  • Meta Knight-Dwayne Hill
  • Chef Kawisaki-David Berni
  • Waddle Dee/Waddle Doo/Cappy Kids-Denise Oliver
  • Kakori the Bird-Tabatha St. Germain
  • Sword Blade/Blade Knigh-Robert Tinkler
  • Whispy Woods-Richard Yearwood
  • NME Salesman-Johnathan Wilson
  • Sir Emblum-Tony Daniels
  • Lady Like-Linda Ballantyne

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