Kingdom Hearts IV: Dark Of The War is a Video Game Along With Kingdom Hearts 4. This Was Coming Soon To the Video game Of Kingdom Hearts IV.


When Sora is on our way to Traverse town to find any characters after their worlds are Destroyed. He is looking on them to meet them on Third District. Despite being lost, Sora is Seen over their Friends. But Their Friends Pepper ann, Milo and Nicky is on top of the Roof, and Sora can Climb on top and talk to them.

Although Sora will come over to another one is T-AI, Oogway, and Cosmo the Seedrian that has Survived the Destruction, Which he can Understand about the truth to engage the Enemies. Suddenly, a Heartless Darkside is Emerges from the Floor and Shadow Brutes are Attacking the Heroes to stop them. But Sora, Oogway Spirit, and Some Heroes Unleashes the Light to Destroy all enemies and Disappears into atoms.

Sora then thanks to him, But Sora needs Pepper Ann and Friends to Go on to Travel some Worlds and Space Stations where it goes. T-AI is giving a New Light of Freedom and Peace to Destroy the Villains and Sora again Leaving the World.


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Voice Cast

  • Haley Joel Osment - Sora


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Final Mix


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