Plot idea


Disney-themed Worlds

  • Destiny Islands (デスティニーアイランド, Desutinī Airando)
    • Sodor Island
    • Dinotopia (ダイノトピア, Dainotopia, Dinotopian: dinotopia) (Land of the Lost (90s and 2009 Movie version)/Jurassic Park/The Land Before Time/Ice Age/Dinotopia/Godzilla/Dinosaur world)
      • Isla Nublar (Dinotopian: isla nublar)
      • Isla Sorna (Dinotopian: isla sorna)
    • Narnia (ナルニア, Narunia, Angerthas: Narnia) (The Chronicles of Narnia world)
    • Middle-earth (中つ国, Nakatsukuni, Angerthas: Middle-earth) (The Hobbit (1977 film version)/The Return of the King (1980 film version)/The Lord of the Rings world)
    • Malaria (マラリア, Mararia) (Igor world)
    • North Islands (ノースアイランド, Nōsu Airando) (Santa Claus is Comin' to Town/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer/Frosty the Snowman/Rudolph's Shiny New Year/Jack Frost/Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July world)
      • Sombertown (Sonbataun)
    • Ponyville (ポニーヴィル, Ponīviru) (My Little Pony world)
    • Little Golden Book Land (Little Golden Book Land world)
  • Twilight Town (トワイライトタウン, Towairaito Taun)
    • Fabled Countryside
      • Yen Sid's Castle
    • Camelot (Quest for Camelot world)
    • Cornelius's Kingdom (Thumbelina world)
    • Pagemaster Library (The Pagemaster world)
    • Swan Lake (The Swan Princess world)
    • Negaverse (Sailor Moon world)

Character ideas

Main Characters

Rail Vehicles

Casey Jr. Number 1 (ケイシージュニア番号1, Keishī Junia Bangō Wan) (Dumbo)
Toots Number 2 (トゥーツ番号2, Tūtsu Bangō Tsū) (Porky's Railroad)
Tillie Number 3 (ティリー番号3, Tirī Bangō Surī) (The Little Engine That Could)
Tootle Number 4 (トゥートル番号4, Tūtoru Bangō Fō) (Little Golden Book Land)
Montana Number 5 (モンタナ番号5, Montana Bangō Faibu)
Emma Number 6 (エマ番号6, Ema Bangō Shikkusu)
Pufle Number 7 (パフル番号7, Pafuru Bangō Sebun)
Ivor Number 8 (アイバー番号8, Aibā Bangō Eito) (Ivor the Engine)
Jebediah Number 9 (ジェベダヤ番号9, Jebedaya Bangō Nain) (The Little Engine That Could)
Georgia Number 10 (ジョージア番号10 Jōjia Bangō Ten) (The Little Engine That Could)
十一 Pete Number 11 (ピート番号11, Pīto Bangō Irebun) (The Little Engine That Could)
十二 Farnsworth Number 12 (ファーンズワース番号12, Fānzuwāsu Bangō Tuerubu) (The Little Engine That Could)
十三 Alfred Number 13 (アルフレッド番号13, Arufureddo Bangō Sātīn)
十四 Melissa Number 14 (メリッサ番号14, Merissa Bangō Fōtīn)
十九 Doc Number 19 (ドク番号19, Doku Bangō Naintīn) (The Little Engine That Could)

Semi-Original Characters

Zodiac Force

Aries (アリエス, Ariesu)
Taurus (タウラス, Taurasu)
Gemini twins (ジェミニ双子, Jemini futago)
Cancer (キャンサー, Kyansā)
Leo (レオ, Reo)
Virgo (バルゴ, Barugo)
Libra (ライブラ, Raibura)
Scorpio (スコーピオ, Sukōpio)
Sagittarius (サジタリアス, Sajitariasu)
Capricornus (カプリコーヌス, Kapurikōnusu)
Aquarius (アクエリアス, Akueriasu)
Pisces (ピスケス, Pisukesu)
Ophiuchus (オピュクス, Opyukusu)




Voice cast

  • Cathy Cavadini - Casey Jr. Number 1
  • Cameron Diaz - Toots Number 2, Emily
  • Kath Soucie - Tillie Number 3, Melissa Number 14, Missy, Lady, Sally Acorn, Jessica Claus
  • Cam Clarke - Tootle Number 4
  • Paul Dobson - Montana Number 5
  • Annasophia Robb - Emma Number 6
  • Alyson Stoner - Pufle Number 7, Kairi, Little Toot
  • Justin Long - Ivor Number 8
  • Jeff Bennett - Jebediah Number 9, Fergus
  • Queen Latiffa - Georgia Number 10
  • Peter Cullen - Pete Number 11, Eeyore
  • Frank Welker - Farnsworth Number 12, Perky the Elephant, Eagle, Rollo the Clown, Horror, various animal, creature, and alien vocal effects
  • Charlie Sheen - Alfred Number 13
  • Neil Ross - Doc Number 19, Control Tower, Handy Pandy
  • John Lithgow - Casey Jones

Japanese cast

  • Mayuko Aoki - Tillie, Juliet
  • Rumiko Koyanagi - Chip the Bird


Kingdom Hearts

  • "Passion - KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version" - The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
  • "Sanctuary" (Remix) - Utada Hikaru


  • "Casey Junior"

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

  • "Merrily on Our Way to Nowhere in Paticular"
  • "The Headless Hroseman Song"

The Little Engine That Could

  • "Nothing Can Stop Us Now" - Tillie, Michael Bolton, Diana Ross, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Michael Jackson


  • "Follow your heart"
  • "Let me be your wings"



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