Kingdom Hearts: Rise of the UnLives is a Video Game that takes place after the defeat of Master Xehanort, and Emperor Mephiles the Dark. it is Only that Sora and his Warriors Including Wreckers and its Heroes, to fight against the Main Antagonist, The Leader of the UnLives, Sirax.


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Long after Master Xehanort and Emperor Mephiles was Defeated. Sirax the Main Antagonist introduced to create the army of the UnLives, in Order to attack Sora. UnLives army have begun to Spread out of Dathomir, To Attack within the Worlds, and Many Gummi Fleets, Ships, and Battletons. The Dark Dragon swoops at the Headquarters, Even that Sirax met up with Disney Villains, Their Apprentices were started to Haul onto the Land.


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Voice Cast

  • Haley Joel Osment - Mowgli, Sora
  • Jason Dohring - Terra




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