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King Kong vs. Godzilla
Directed by Peter Jackson
Gareth Edwards
Produced by Carolynne Cunningham
Fran Walsh
Mary Parent
Thomas Tull
Screenplay by Philippa Boyens
Max Borenstein
Story by David Callaham
Based on King Kong vs. Godzilla by Toho Company. LTD.
Music by James Newton Howard
Alexandre Desplat
Cinematography Andrew Lesnie
Seamus McGarvey
Editing by Jamie Selkirk
Bob Ducsay
Studio Legendary Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Toho (Japan)
Running time 187 minutes
Budget $880 million

King Kong vs. Godzilla is an upcoming American epic science fiction adventure monster film directed by Peter Jackson and Gareth Edwards. It is a remake of the 1962 film of the same name and a sequel to the 2005 remake of King Kong and the 2014 reboot of Godzilla.




  • Luke Roberts as King Kong and Godzilla
  • Ridwan Uddin as some stupid fat ugly idiot
  • Umar Ahmad as best friend of Luke Roberts






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