The seventh volume of a compilaton DVD set series Kid Picks. Each DVD contains 12 shows of sorts.


  1. The Ghost of Faffner Hall: The Voice Is An Instrument (25 minutes)
  2. Fraggle Rock: Gone, But Not Forgotten (24 minutes)
  3. The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss: The Simplifier (24 minutes)
  4. Jimmy Neutron: Vanishing Act (11 minutes)
  5. Sesame Street Classics: As the World Takes Turns... (Season 26, Episode 3374) (1995) (58 minutes)
  6. The Muppet Show: Paul Simon (25 minutes)
  7. Danny Phantom: Double Cross My Heart (22 minutes)
  8. The Frog Prince (50 minutes)
  9. Inspector Gadget: Infiltration (22 minutes)
  10. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Trail of the Missing Tails (22 minutes)
  11. Totally Spies: Zooney World (22 minutes)
  12. Mopatop's Shop: Chattering Charlie (9 minutes)

Front Cover Art

  • Jimmy Neutron (on the upper left)
  • Wembley (on the middle left)
  • Gonzo with Camilla (on the bottom left)
  • Ernie with Rubber Duckie (on the bottom right)
  • Clover (on the middle right)
  • Kermit (on the top right)

Back Cover Art

  • Muppet Chickens (on the top right)
  • Inspector Gadget with gadget copter (in the middle)
  • Jack Fenton (official artwork, also in the middle)

Pics on the Back Cover

  • A photo of Waiter Grover serving ice cream sundae to Ernie and Bert at the ice cream parlor
  • A photo of Bobby Benson and his babies
  • A photo of Tamanilla Grinderfall
  • A screencap of Sam and Gregor eating spaghetti in a scene of "Double Cross My Heart"

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