The sixth volume of a compilaton DVD set series Kid Picks. Each DVD contains 12 shows of sorts.


  1. Jimmy Neutron: The Jimmy/Timmy Pour Hour 2: When Nerds Collide (46 minutes)
  2. The Muppets Valentine Show (25 minutes)
  3. Animal Show: Walrus & Warthog (25 minutes)
  4. Fraggle Rock: The Garden Plot (24 minutes)
  5. Danny Phantom: Beauty Marked (23 minutes)
  6. Sesame Street Classics: Early Elmo (Season 20, Episode 2506) (1988) (58 minutes)
  7. Braingames (Aliens, Faces, Earplay, Odd Card Out, Mysteriosos, Between the Lines, and Lloofbat) (29 minutes)
  8. The Muppet Show: Twiggy (25 minutes)
  9. Totally Spies: Here Comes The Sun (22 minutes)
  10. Inspector Gadget: Arabian Nights (22 minutes)
  11. Mopatop's Shop: Cinderfella (9 minutes)
  12. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik Express (22 minutes)

Front Cover Art

  • Big Bird (on the upper left)
  • Jimmy Neutron (on the middle left)
  • Droop on a motorcycle (on the bottom left)
  • Danny Phantom (on the bottom right)
  • Uncle Deadly (on the middle right)
  • Junior Gorg (on the top right)

Back Cover Art

  • A Muppet Walrus (on the top right)
  • Thog (in the middle)
  • Sam Manson (official artwork, also in the middle)

Pics on the Back Cover

  • A screencap of Sam Manson with her fake fangs in a scene of "Beauty Marked"
  • A publicity shot of a Female Koozebanian (as seen in a promotional 3D poster for "The Muppet Show")
  • A photo of four Honkers
  • A screencap of a Sphinx during the opening title and bridges of the "Braingames" pilot

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