Kid CRAZY is a fanmade series created by Jtsfan13, and inspired by Johnen Vasquez's Invader ZIM, and uses some of zIM's voice talent including Rossearik Rikki Simmons and Eliza Schneider


an insane addolescent named Burt Warner (nicknamed Kid CRAZY) meets an Irken child named Zed and befriends him four years after Zed's family crashed on earth with a fleet of guards and some robots. And Burt, and 3 other people becomse friends with Zed when he helps him and his family blend ionto society

Voice Cast

Rosearik Rikki Simmons- Burt, MOSH, additional voices

James Arnold Taylor-Zed, additional voices

Eliza Schneider-MITZI, Brooke, additional voices

Melissa Fahn-Lulu, additional voices

Andy Berman-Thom, additional voices

Roger Bumpass-Dr. Yea

Grey DeLeslie-Ms. Snailtrail, additional voices

Dee Bradley Baker-additional voices

Janice Kawaye-additional voices

Episode List

Party Time


KIT n Kaboodle

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