Burt Warner a.k.a. Kid CRAZY.


Burt Warner a.k.a. Kid Crazy had been born crazy (he got it from his grandfather on his mother's side), his nickname goes back to preeeschool when one mean boy wouldn't give him a slice of pizza, and Burt had a psycho-tantrum and horribly injured him, then, he was nicknamed Kid CRAZY, and still has psycho-tantrums to this very day. But most of the time he acts half normal.

Kid CrAZY spazes out

Kid CRAZY in a Killer Tantrum!!!

Friendship with Zed the Irken

When Burt was just a baby in preeschool, he found in the corner, and befriended an smeet (irken baby) named Zed, an they have been friends to this day and has even helped Zed and his irken parents blend into the society, when they turned 10, they still endured constant tormenting from the other schoolkjids, but have learned to survive the harshness, Burt and Zed, against the world. And once, they infused one of their classmates with salami DNA, never to hear from him again.

and eventually, Burts family found out that Zed and his family were Irkens, and agreed to keep their secret.


  • Big Round Head.
  • Black Hair.
  • Viciously sharp forked tongue.
  • Teeth similar to that of the Irken jaw structure.


Burt's voice is provided bty Rossearik Rikki Simmons (who also voices GIr on Invader ZIM).


Burt disguised as an Irken.


  • Burt is also aware that he has four fingers on each hand.
  • Burt's favorite snacks are pizza, doughnuts, chips, suck monkeys, and cashew butter cookies.

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