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Kermit, Prince of Demark a Disney Channel Original Movie Starring Kermit the Frog and large cast of Disney Channel stars for 2011

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Kermit, Prince of Denamrk

Kermit, Prince of Denamrk is a Disney Channel Orignial Movie starring Kermit the Frog and a large amount of Disney Stars

Story Polt

The Story follows Kermit the Frog (Steve Whitmire) and his human friends when they accidently fell in a magical well and landed themselves in Denmark


  • Kermit the Frog as himself
  • Mitchel Musso as Ryan Harris
  • Sterling Knight as Nate Barns
  • David Henrie as Mac
  • Selena Gomez as Tatiya
  • Moises Arias as Dave
  • Hutch Dano as Lord Quondo
  • Kelsey Chow as Cindy
  • Caitlyn Taylor Love as Dasiy
  • Lucas Till as Prince Lyle
  • Kelly Blatz as Crawford Knight
  • Bridgit Mendler Princess "Whinona" Whitney
  • Nicole Anderson as Jenni
  • Cody Linley as Quaxster the second
  • Brandon Mychal Smith as The Royal Fool
  • Billy Ray Cyrus as King Robbins
  • Ashley Tisdale as Queen Lillith
  • Doc Shaw as Justy Jester
  • Tiffany Thornton as Chelsea
  • Samantha Droke as a customer
  • Gregg Sulkin as a british salesman


  • Off to Denver (by Kermit the Frog, Mitchel Musso and Sterling Knight)
  • There's More Than One Pig in the Sea (By Kermit the Frog)
  • Something About Him (by Selena Gomez, Caitlyn Taylor Love, Bridgit Mendler)
  • Claudius Rejoices (King For Awhile)
  • Without You (by Kermit the Frog, Ashley Tisdale, Billy Ray Cyrus and Mitchel Musso)
  • Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Doing the Mambo
  • The Frog Hip-Hop (by Brandon, Kermit, Kelly, Mitchel, Selena, Tiffany and Sterling)
  • Prince of Denmark (by Kermit, Kelly, Selena, Bridgit, Mitchel, Caitlyn, Ashley and Billy Ray)
  • Talk (to Each Other) (by Bridgit Mendler)
  • In Unexpected Places (by Kermit the Frog, Mitchel Musso and Sterling Knight)
  • True Prince (by Selena, Sterling, Mitchel and Caitlyn)
  • Rock N Roll Denamrk (by Kermit, Kelly, Sterling, Brandon, Mitchel, Ashley, Billy Ray and Caitlyn)
  • It's Not Easy Being Green (Kermit the Frog ft.Selena, Bridgit, Ashley, Tiffany, Billy Ray and Sterling)
  • Stuck on You (Frog Remix) (Mitchel Musso ft. Kermit the Frog, Kelly Blatz, Billy Ray Cyrus and Sterling Knight)

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