• Ken-j 3
    Name:Kenji Otawaka
  • Age:22-23
  • Height:173com
  • Weight:64
  • Gender:male
  • Relationship:Lily (Break up),Jenna

Kenji Otawaka/Ken-J is a former boyband to lilymu actor as a villian "J". His family are Yakuza.

Story begining

When he was 14, Ken-J was geek.then he Fall in love with Lily and want her became her girlfriend. But, she rejected him. because Lily was Embrassed by him. So, After Ken-J was yelled by Lily. He felt Hatred on her because she dislike him.So, he decide to runaway/Moved on from her. Later at night, His father doesn't want him to leave his town because he has Important. At midnight, he was runaway by himself until he left tokyo to Osaka. A Months Later, He Arrived at Osaka and Study at his new school. Two days Later until that night, He saw demons to attack Osaka until he fights againest demons with his mophin. After, The Demons Defeated he will see them when they attack again. One year later, He was late at school and hit eachother. he was meet Jenna Gillmose.But, She was Upset and says "watch it!". Later after school, He saw her was attacked by demons and rescue her. Meanwile, He Train her became a good fight utill they start Love interest on theirselfs. They almost kiss until Jenna's parents Arrived.They think he gonna rape. But he didn't rape. Her Parents

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