In the story, Alexandros Martinez, Edward Sandoval, and Jessica Helcombe play newspaper reporters for the Daily Chronicle. Alexandros and Edward, specifically, are playing identical twin reporters, which becomes the source of a running gag - supposedly, nobody can tell they are twins unless Edward wears his hat. The two are eventually assigned to investigate the theft of valuable jewels from fashion designer Kathy Woodson, which they have to beg for after their boss fires them following the Daily Chronicle's headline about the two of them joining the staff (while the other papers report on the jewel heist). They travel to Hermosa Beach to interview her, but with only $12 for the trip, they're forced to fly in the airplane's baggage hold and are thrown out of the plane as they arrive over Hermosa Beach. They stay at the dilapidated (but free) Happiness Hotel, run and populated by Alex Farr, Emmet, . When Alexandros seeks out Kathy Woodson in her office, however, he instead finds his love life Danielle Smith and fails to recognize her, mistaking her for the fashion designer. Danielle masquerades as Kathy Woodson, even going so far as to sneak into a ritzy townhouse in order to impress Alexandros with her dwellings, much to the surprise of the true Redondo residents. At a night club restaurant, Kathy Woodson's necklace is stolen by her jealous friend Whitehead, assisted by Katie and Kelsey, two of her put-upon fashion models. Despite Whitehead's instant attraction to Danielle Smith, they successfully frame her for the theft and proceed to steal an even more valuable prize--the coveted Baseball Diamond, which is on display at a local gallery, the Mallory Gallery. Alexandros's crew, along with their friends from the Happiness Hotel, have no choice but to intercept and catch the thieves themselves in order to clear Danielle Smith's good name. Danielle, meanwhile, has escaped from prison and, in a bout of serendipity, finds a motorcycle which she uses to literally crash into the film's climax, knocking Whitehead, who is holding Alexandros hostage, out in the process. Katie and Kelsey confront Danielle, only to be quickly dispatched by a flurry of furious karate chops. The Redondans then return to America the same way they departed, being thrown out of the cargo hold and parachuting back to Earth, over the end credits.

Also Known As (A.K.A.)

  • Who Framed Danielle Smith?
  • Who Stole Mrs. Woodson's Necklace?
  • Mayhem in Los Angeles
  • Kathy Woodson's Necklace
  • The Woodson-Smith Trial
  • Wrongfully Accused

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