Kappa Mikey Extreme seasons

My ideas was in 2009.but, my own kappa Mikey like every series and Style from Anime like Bleach,Air gear,Naruto,Samurai Champloo and many anime I like.From Anime/cartoon at USA like Samurai Jack,Afro Samurai,The Boondocks and Megas XLR. In music has Rock,Hip hop,Electronic,Alternative,J-rock,J-Pop and Indie.My Genre was Action, Comedy/sitcom,Music and adventure. it would be Good/Bad English language and Fighting style like the boondocks from adult swam.


They were work on Lilymu about 2 years. Ozu talks to Mikey and his friends are deside a new add lilymu villian and Ozu decide to call "Extreme Lilymu". A stange young man Kenji Otawaka known as "Ken-J". until they new journey Arrived.


Main Characters

Mikey Simon (Voiced by Miheael sinterniklaas) Protagonist

Kenji Otawaka/Ken-J (Voiced by Nalon Gererd Funk) 2nd protagonist

Mitsuki (Voiced by Evelyn Lanto)

Jenna Gillmose (Voiced by Demi Lovato)

Lily (Voiced by Annice Moriarty)

Gonard (Voiced by Sean Schemmel)

Guano (Voiced by Gary Mack)

Lizzy (Voiced by Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque) Winner of KM Cameo Contest

Taichi (Voiced of Orlando brown)

Alicesu (Voiced by Megan Fahlenbock)

Ozu (Voiced by Stephen Moverly)

Yesman (Voiced by Jesse Adans)

Supporting Characters

Lili (Voiced by Annice Moriarty)

Gordon (Voiced by J.B. Blanc)

Xavier stramp/Agent X (Voiced by Wally Kurth)

Alexa (Voiced by Candi Milo)

Nasumi (Voice by Ariel Winter )

Johnny (Voiced by Tommy Wiseau)

Mark (Voiced by Greg Sestero)

Returning Characters

  • Gonard
  • Mitsuki
  • Lily
  • Guano
  • Ozu
  • Yes man

New Characters

  • Kenji Otawaka/Ken-J
  • Jenna Gillmose
  • Lizzy (First App. in season 3)
  • Taichi (First season 5)
  • Alicesu-Guano's cousin (First season 5)
  • Nasumi (First season 4)
  • Lili -Lily's cousin
  • Gordon (First App. in season 4)
  • Alexa (First App. in season 4)
  • Xavier stramp/Agent X (First App. in Season 4)

List of Episodes:

Season 1

Ep titie
1 New crew of lilymu villian
2 Make a room
3 Ghost of the dead
4 Lost Dog
5 Long Crush
6 Brozu Return
7 Bad luck Ghost
8 Your wish is my commend
9 Lilymu band's new album
10 Real life lilymu
11 Other new crew
12 Battle of Air Tricks
13 Opeaian
14 The lost Island
15 2 Ozus
16 Fucking Friday
17 Back to America
18 Cooking with Gonard & Hot jawBreakers
19 2 girls in love
20 Cat is back
21 Lilymu online
22 Mikey Haters
23 Japanese Nambia
24 Ladies night
25 Lilymu rangers part 1
26 Lilymu rangers part 2

Season 2

Ep Title
27 Before Ken-J and Jenna Join Lilymu
28 Lilymu Crips
29 Evil Clones
30 Hihoy! Pirates
31 King Gonard


Kappa Saiyuki
33 Cousin Lili
34 Ozu's Angels
35 Kappa rock band
36 Mitzuki goes EMO
37 Emostion Mikey
38 Tokyo Wanted
39 Wrong train
40 The girl from Paris

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