KIT is yet another Irken from Irk and a recurring character in Kid CRAZY



KIT had been born on Irk, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then 10 years later, KIT tried the conquer Sirus Minor, but the accululated heat exploded her hiding place, and KIT was discovered and jailed on the nearby prison planet, Encarcicon. Then after KIT escaped her prison, she heard EARTH, and set off to take the planet for her own.


KIT's disguise consists of a partially solitified holo-disguise, and is practicaally perfect in almost every way, except for the three finger thing

KIT disguised as a human


KIT's disguise has blonde hair and amber colored eyes, though the disguise does not cover her teeth or tounge


  • the spark that comes from her right eye and into her left eye has psionic abilities, including, but not limited to
    • influenceing people to perform a task
    • erasing people's memories
    • reading people's minds weather they're awake or not
  • contd: this comes from an implant on her forehead
  • KIt is portrayed by Grey DeLeslie
  • due to her disguise having amber eyes, KIT sometimes is mistaken for Thom and Lulu's cousin, until KIt tells them otherwise
  • When KIt is disguised as a human child, her PAK is disguised with to make it look like a regular backpack

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