There could be a possibillty of Justice League to return to television one day. It may air on The CW's Vortexx block in 2013.


Air Date



  • Justice League:
    • Superman (Tim Daly)
    • Nightwing (Loren Lester) - Joined after he witnessed an arrow shot in Batgirl's spine, as Batman's replacement.
    • Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg)
    • Flash (Michael Rosenbaum)
    • John Stewart/Green Lantern (Phil LaMarr)
    • Martian Manhunter (Carl Lumbly)
    • Hawkgirl (Maria Canals Barrera)
    • Captain Atom (Chris Cox) - Promoted to the main team.
    • Animal Man (Steven Blum)
    • Aquaman (Scott Rummell)
    • Atom (John C. MicGinley)
    • Atom Smasher (Steven Blum)
    • Aztek (Scott Patterson)
    • B'Wana Beast (Peter Onorati)
    • Batgirl/Oracle (Tara Strong)
    • Black Canary (Morena Baccarin)
    • Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle III (Carlos Alazraqui)
    • Blue Devil (Lex Lang)
    • Booster Gold (Tom Everett Scott)
    • Captain Marvel (Jerry O'Connell) - Reinstated.
    • Commander Steel (Kevin Conroy)
    • Creeper (Jeff Bennett)
    • Crimson Avenger (Kevin Conroy)
    • Crimson Fox (Vanessa Marshall)
    • Cyborg (Khary Payton)
    • Dove (Jason Hervey)
    • Doctor Fate (Oded Fehr)
    • Doctor Light (Lauren Tom)
    • Doctor Mid-Nite (Corey Burton)
    • Elongated Man (Jeremy Piven)
    • Etrigan (Michael T. Weiss)
    • Fire (Maria Canals-Barrera)
    • Firestorm (Corey Burton/Cedric Yarbrough)
    • Flying Fox (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
    • Green Arrow (Kin Shriner)
    • Gypsy (Kari Wahlgren)
    • Hawk (Fred Savage)
    • Hawkman (James Remar) - Now joined the ranks of the Team
    • Hourman (Nolan North)
    • Ice (Jennifer Hale)
    • Johnny Thunder (Steven Blum)
    • Mary Marvel (Tara Strong)
    • Mr. Terrific (Michael Beach)
    • Nemesis (Nolan North)
    • Obsidian (Brian Bloom)
    • Orion (Ron Perlman)
    • Plastic Man (Tom Kenny)
    • Power Girl (Alison Mack)
    • Question (Jeffrey Combs)
    • Ray (Tom Kenny)
    • Red Arrow (Mike Irwin)
    • Red Tornado (Powers Boothe)
    • Rocket Red (Robin Atkin Downes)
    • Sand (Jeff Bennett)
    • Shining Knight (Chris Cox)
    • Stargirl (Giselle Loren)
    • Starman (Jeff Bennett)
    • Steel (Michael Dorn)
    • S.T.R.I.P.E. (Phil LaMarr)
    • Superboy (Nolan North)
    • Thunderbolt (Reno Wilson)
    • Vibe (Carlos Alazraqui)
    • Vigilante (Nathan Fillion)
    • Vixen (Gina Torres)
    • Waverider (Phil Morris)
    • Wildcat (Dennis Farina)
    • Zatanna (Jennifer Hale)
    • Zauriel (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Outsiders:
    • Batman (Kevin Conroy)
    • Black Lightning (LeVar Burton)
    • Katana (Karen Maruyama)
    • Metamorpho (Tom Sizemore)
    • Geo-Force (Steven Blum)
    • Halo (Grey DeLisle)
  • Other Heroes:
    • Icon (Tony Todd)
    • Saint Walker (Cam Clarke)
    • Ted Kord/Blue Beetle II (Steven Blum)
    • Guardian (Crispin Freeman)
    • Indigo One (Grey DeLisle)
    • Deadman (Raphiel Sbarge)
    • Robin/Tim Drake (Mathew Valencia)


  • Glorious Godfrey (Enrico Colantoni)
  • Doomsday (Michael Jai White)
  • Larfleeze (Daran Norris)
  • Atrocitus (Jonathan Adams)
  • White Martians, Dark Opal (Steven Blum)
  • Deathstroke (Ron Perlman)
  • Parallax (Clancy Brown)
  • Prometheus (Bruce Greenwood)
  • Ma'alefa'ak (Carl Lumbly)
  • Wotan (Bruce Greenwood)
  • Black Manta (Keith David)
  • Star Sapphire (Olivia D'Abo)
  • Sinestro (Ted Levine)
  • Per Degaton (Clancy Brown)
  • Professor Zoom (John Wesley Shipp)
  • Black Mask (Wade Williams)
  • Victor Zzasz (Danny Jacobs)
  • Catman (Thomas F. Wilson)
  • The Scarecrow (Jeffrey Combs)
  • Giganta (Jennifer Hale)
  • Eclipso (James Remar)

Main Villians of Each Arc (In Order)

  • Amon Sur (Steven Blum)
  • The Negotiator/Black Beetle (John DiMaggio)
  • Nekron (Mark Hamill)
  • Black Hand (Nolan North)
  • Starro (John DiMaggio)
  • The Faceless Hunter (Steven Blum)
  • Hugo Strange (Corey Burton)
  • Ra's Al Ghul (David Warner)
  • Solomon Grundy (Mark Hamill)
  • Libra (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Ares (Michael York)
  • Hades (Bob Joles)
  • Baron Bedlam (Travis Willingham)
  • Lex Luthor (Clancy Brown)
  • Darkseid (Michael Ironside)
  • Anti-Monitor (Peter Cullen)


Arc One:

Episode Titles Episode Plot
The Last Martian
Black Magic
Sea of Vengeance
Rise of the Manhunters: Part One
Rise of the Manhunters: Part Two
Arrow Targets
Cadmus Clone
The Negotiator: Part One
The Negotiator: Part Two

Arc Two:

Episode Title Episode Plot
Rise of Black
Blackest Day: Part One
Blackest Day: Part Two
Blackest Day: Part Three
Blackest Day: Part Four
Blackest Day: Part Five
Brightest Night
Light of Hope
A Blast from the Past
The Siege of Starro: Part One
The Siege of Starro: Part Two

Arc Three:

Episode Titles Episode Plot
Arrow Target
A Prison Break at Belle Reve
A Doctor in the House
The Return
Night of the Living Grundy: Part One
Night of the Living Grundy: Part Two

Arc Four:

Episode Titles Episode Plot
Tracking Time
Spirit Worlds
Vengeance vs Justice: Part One
Vengeance vs Justice: Part Two
Catman Is Out Of The Bag
Equal: Part One
Equal: Part Two
Deep Sleep
Afraid of the League?
Clash of the Gods
Wrath of the Gods
Fall of the Gods

Arc Five:

Episode Titles Episode Plot
Rock of Ages: Part One
Rock of Ages: Part Two
Return of the White Martians: Part One
Return of the White Martians: Part Two
Law & Order When Huntress gets captured by the Joker, Nightwing and Batman must save her.
Peace on Earth
Crisis: Part One
Crisis: Part Two
Crisis: Part Three
Crisis: Part Four
Crisis: Part Five

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