A Sequel/Spin-Off of Smallville based around the Justice League from the Smallville series. The first few episodes will involve the League getting new members that were in the comics such as Batman and Green Lantern. Some actors from various DC films and series will reprise their roles, however, the series will not take place in the same continuity. This series will take place three years after Smallville.


The Justice League

Tom Welling - Clark Kent/Superman

Christian Bale- Bruce Wayne/Batman

Adrianne Palicki - Princess Diana/Wonder Woman

Ryan Reynolds - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Justin Hartley - Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Lee Thompson Young - Victor Stone/Cyborg

Alan Ritchson - Arthur "AC" Curry/Aquaman

Kyle Gallner - Bart Allen/Impulse

Alaina Huffman - Dinah Lance/Black Canary

Eric Martsolf - Michael Jon Carter/Booster Gold

Jaren Brandt Bartlett - Jamie Reyes/Blue Beetle

Phil Morris - John Jones/Martian Manhunter


Fred Tatasciore (voice only) - Darkseid: The main antagonist of the series who is revealed to have survived the final events of Smallville. In Justice, his appearence will be more similar to his comic book counterpart and he will be able to physically battle with the Justice League.

Callum Blue - Major Zod: Darkseid's newest follower. After the death of his three minion prophets Granny Goodness, Godfrey and Desaad, Darkseid needed a new minion, so he freed Zod from the Phantom Zone and recruited him.

The Injustice League

Jackie Earle Haley - Joker: Batman's arch nemesis, he founded the new Injustice League to finally destroy Batman.

John DiMaggio (voice only) - Gorilla Grodd

Gina Torres - Cheetah

Mark Strong - Sinestro

Cllian Murphy - Scarecrow

Dwayne Johnson - Black Adam

Tim Roth - Killer Croc

John DeSantis - Solomon Grundy

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