Just A Regular App Is A Free Appilcation Published By Cartoon Network Mobile And Beeline Interactive.
Regular show-just a regular app

The Game's Opening Screen

Notable Characters

  • Mordecai-Gives The Various Quests To The Player.
  • Rigby-Gives The Player Hints And Imformation.
  • Pops Can Give the Player A Various Gift Every Friday Since Level 3(Cereal, Trash Cans, Stunt Pit Extendors, Bushes, ect.).


  • Pop's House (Starter Attraction) (Upgrades With 2500 Coins, 10000 Coins, 50000 Coins And 30 Cereal)
  • Carousel (500 Coins, Builds In 30 Minutes)
  • King Of Swing (350 Coins, Builds In 15 Minutes) (Level 2)
  • Bustin' Tea Cups (1000 Coins, Builds In 1 Hour) (Level 3)
  • Traffic Slam (700 Coins, Builds In 2 Hours) (Level 4)
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff (750 Coins, Builds In 1 Hour) (Level 5)
  • Three Little Pigs (750 Coins, Builds With 5 Friends) (Level 5)
  • Whiplash (1500 Coins, Builds In 8 Hours) (Level 6)
  • Enchanted Castle (10000 Coins, Builds In 120 Hours) (Level 7)
  • Chopper Challenge (30 Cereal) (Level 8)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rocks (18000 Coins, Builds In 24 Hours) (Level 8)
  • Fireball Mountain (55000 Coins, Builds In 120 Hours) (Level 9)
  • Whale Of A Time (3000 Coins, Builds In 2 Hours) (Level 9)
  • Sprinkler (500 Coins, Builds In 1 Hour) (Level 10)
  • Murderhorn (25 Cereal) (Level 11)
  • Log Driver (5000 Coins, Builds In 8 Hours) (Level 11)




Locked Item Warnings

Requires Level (Insert Level Here)

Your Backyard Needs To Be At Least Level (Insert Level Here). Use Cereal In Order To Purchase Snacks And Raise Your Level.

Not Enough Coins

Collect Funds From An Item To Earn More Coins.

Not Enough Cereal

You Do Not Have Enough Cereal To Build This Item.

In-App Purchases

  • Stack Of Cereal (50 Cereal)-$4.99
  • Pile Of Cereal (125 Cereal)-$9.99
  • Hoard Of Cereal (356 Cereal)-$17.99
  • Large Bag Of Cereal (800 Cereal)-$22.99
  • King's Ransom Of Cereal (2000 Cereal)-$30.99

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