Season 1 Episodes of Jungle Storm: The Beast Wars

Episode Number English Episode Name Japanese Episode Name Teaser Main Plot First Apperances
1 The Beast Wars (Part 1) ""(Arrival to Prehistoric Era! The First Battle)
2 The Beast Wars (Part 2) ""(Tyrannosaurus Maximus! Stand between us)
3 The Infiltrator
4 Equal Treasures
5 Second in Command
6 Power Surge
7 Fowl Ancients "" (An Ancient Evil! Follow the Beast Megatron)
8 Double Jeopardy
9 A great Roar
10 Jungle Warfare
11 Into the Probe
12 Victory for the Era
13 Shadow Designs
14 Twin Dinobot?
15 The Heart of the Animals
16 The Siege (Part 1) "" (Siege of the Pride Lands! the First battle)
17 The Siege (Part 2) "" (The Siege Continues! one final drop)
18 Blackarachnia's Game
19 Survival of the Fittest
20 Evil Ascension
21 Possession
22 The Low Battery
23 The Law of the Jungle
24 Before the Extinction
25 The Vok Arrives (Part 1) "" (The Strange faced creature! Unicron appears)
26 The Vok Arrives (Part 2) "" (The Planet Destroyer! Pride Convoy strikes)

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